cultural diversity l.
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Cultural Diversity

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Cultural Diversity. By Anne Cohen. Diversity Education. Educating students while being aware that all students are different in their own unique way. Culture Cognitive Ability Gender Native Language. Sexual Orientation Socioeconomic Religion. Ways In Which Students May Be Diverse.

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cultural diversity

Cultural Diversity


Anne Cohen

diversity education
Diversity Education

Educating students while being aware that all students are different in their own unique way.

ways in which students may be diverse




Native Language

Sexual Orientation



Ways In Which Students May Be Diverse
bilingual education
Bilingual Education

Students need to be able to communicate in English, the official language of the United States. However, since this may be impossible for many new immigrant students, the school system, teachers and the staff should adapt to meet student needs. Schools do it for special needs children, to me this is a similar situation.

strategies to help non english speaking students
Strategies To Help Non English Speaking Students
  • Special accelerated English classes at a central location in the school district.
  • In the classroom use visual clues to communicate such as drawing pictures, gestures.
  • Use hands on learning to demonstrate lessons.
more strategies
More Strategies
  • Have another child who speaks both languages translate for you.
  • Learn the language.
  • Keep a positive attitude!
discovering diversity in your class
Discovering Diversity in Your Class
  • Talk to and get to know the parents.
  • Read the student’s records.
  • Have the students write about how they are different.
  • Get to know your students.
  • Respect the differences in your students.
  • Keep a positive attitude.