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Conducting Productive Meetings. Death By Meeting. Our meetings are held to discuss many problems which would never arise if we held fewer meetings ”—Ashleigh Brilliant. Ask Yourself…. Are your meetings dull and uninspiring? Do team members question the usefulness of meetings?

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Death by meeting
Death By Meeting

Our meetings are held to discuss many problems which would never arise if we held fewer meetings”—Ashleigh Brilliant

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Ask yourself
Ask Yourself….

  • Are your meetings dull and uninspiring?

  • Do team members question the usefulness of meetings?

  • Are critical issues avoided or overlooked during meetings?

  • Do you wonder if team members are holding back during meetings?

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  • Do team members complain about having to attend meetings?

  • Do you find that meetings end without resolution of critical issues?

  • Do you discuss administrative, tactical and strategic topics during the same meetings?

  • Are important discussions cut short because of time constraints?

  • Is your team reluctant to go off-site more than once a year to review the state of the organization and business?

  • Do team members seem disengaged during meetings?

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Good Meetings are three-fourths preparation and one-fourth theater.”—from Gail Godwin

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Meeting techniques
Meeting Techniques

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At least one week before the meeting
AT LEAST one week before the meeting…

  • List the agenda topics

  • avoid administrative and management items on the agenda as business

    • consent agenda

    • staff/management reports

  • Designate time to add agenda items

  • Accept agenda before you begin

  • Don’t include agenda items which are not ready for action

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For each business item
For each business item--

  • Research the item.

  • Include

    • supporting data

    • committee findings

    • options and recommendations

  • If Appropriate, include wording for a proposed motion or resolution

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Consent agenda
Consent Agenda

  • To free the board’s time for discussing matters they can affect (i.e. the future), a consent agenda is a tool that can eliminate as much as ½ hour or more of reviewing what has happened in the past. The consent agenda is a SINGLE ITEM that encompasses all the things the board would normally approve with little comment. The minutes. The financials (yes, the financials!). Program reports or CEO reports. All items that simply report what has already happened in the past would combine to become one item for approval - the consent agenda.

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What really goes on
What really goes on….

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Timed agenda
Timed Agenda

  • One way to control the length of the Board meeting is to use a timed agenda. To do this, the preparer of the agenda should note the actual start time next to each heading and then provide an estimate of how much time each section of the agenda should take. A timed agenda will allow the Board to re-focus on the agenda if a topic is discussed outside of the scope of the agenda or if participants simply become verbose.

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Minimize oral reports
Minimize Oral Reports

  • Require written reports from committees, if the report is informational only.

  • Include in advance meeting packet.

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Work of the board strategic
Work of the Board: STRATEGIC

  • Defining an organizational strategy is hard work - and executing it is even more challenging.

  • Include strategy on the agenda for each meeting.

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  • Allow plenty of time for discussion, and follow with an item encouraging teamwork.

  • Use a List Serve for the group to discuss items before the meeting.

  • Schedule a study session, with only that agenda item. Take no action.

  • Vote in accordance with the bylaws.

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Presentation of the agenda
Presentation of the Agenda

  • Follow this order:

    • Call to Order/Roll call

    • Adoption of the Agenda

    • Consent Calendar

    • Reports (staff, committees not in Consent Calendar, President)

    • Pending Business

    • New Business

    • Adjourn

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Presentation of the agenda1
Presentation of the Agenda

  • Distribute at least 5 days ahead of meeting

  • Include supporting documents, including proposed motions or recommendations for action

  • Put mission statement at top of agenda

  • Include the name of the person presenting each agenda item

  • Include the action required for each agenda item (review, accept, action motion)

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Role of the chairman
Role of the Chairman

  • Assures that agenda documents have been prepared and delivered

  • Enforces the meeting plan as approved at the start of the meeting

  • Encourages everyone to speak.

  • Does not monopolize a discussion. If the Chairman needs to offer an opinion, he/she should abdicate the chairmanship to another during that agenda item.

  • Convenes and adjourns the meeting in a timely fashion.

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Encourage discussion
Encourage Discussion

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Recording the meeting
Recording the Meeting

  • Minutes should be succinct.

  • Record all actions. Name the motion/second.

  • Avoid recording insignificant remarks/topics.

  • No editorial opinions!

  • If meetings have action items assigned, include a ‘to-do list’ at the end of the minutes

  • Distribute minutes within one week of the meeting.

  • Include notice of the date of the next meeting.

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Six tips for effective meetings
Six Tips for Effective Meetings

  • Don’t meet

  • Set specific meeting objectives

  • Provide an agenda in advance

  • Assign meeting preparation

  • Assign action items

  • Examine your meeting process. What worked? What went wrong?

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