basics of weed management l.
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Basics of Weed Management

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Basics of Weed Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Basics of Weed Management Nelroy E Jackson Basics of Weed Management Prevention and Quarantine Prevention and Quarantine The simplest way to battle invasive weeds is to prevent their entry into your sphere of influence.

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basics of weed management2
Basics of Weed Management
  • Prevention and Quarantine
prevention and quarantine
Prevention and Quarantine
  • The simplest way to battle invasive weeds is to prevent their entry into your sphere of influence.
  • Yard, Roadside, City, County, State or Federal Park, Natural Area, Forest.
  • Jurisdiction – State, Federal
prevention and quarantine4
Prevention and Quarantine
  • State Noxious Weed Law
  • Federal Noxious Weed Law – The Plant Protection Act.
  • Interstate Movement and Commerce
  • Imports into the United States
  • Codes of Conduct
prevention and quarantine5
Prevention and Quarantine
  • Impact on the Nursery Trade
  • Economic Costs of Invasive Plants
  • CDFA
prevention and quarantine6
Prevention and Quarantine
  • Pathways of Entry
  • Intentional and Unintentional Introductions
  • Tourists, Workers
  • Shoes, bicycles, pets
  • Vehicles – passenger and commercial
  • Hay
prevention and quarantine7
Prevention and Quarantine
  • This is a two-way street!
  • The United States of America has given invasive species to other continents.
chemical control
Chemical Control
  • Contact vs. Systemic
  • Selective vs. Non-Selective
  • Preemergence vs. Postemergence
contact vs systemic
Contact vs. Systemic
  • Contact herbicides act on the part of the plant where the spray solution lands.
  • Systemic herbicides move within the plant to act on plant parts away from the point of deposition
selective vs non selective
Selective vs. Non-Selective
  • Selective herbicides tend to kill or damage a type of plant while other types of plants are tolerant to them.
  • Non-Selective herbicides tend to kill all types of plants.
preemergence vs postemergence
Preemergence vs. Postemergence
  • Preemergence herbicides are applied to soil before a plant germinates and acts by preventing the emergence of the weed.
  • Postemergence herbicides are applied to extant vegetation and damage the plants
  • Some herbicides have both preemergence and postemergence activity.