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About Finding A Job ‘09

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About Finding A Job ‘09 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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About Finding A Job ‘09. Staff Orientation/Program Overview. February 2nd – 1st and 4th periods : Kick-off video will be played over the school network. Explain the timeline and process for AFJ. Distribute AFJ CD’s and pocket folders

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about finding a job 09
About Finding A Job ‘09
  • Staff Orientation/Program Overview
February 2nd – 1st and 4th periods:
  • Kick-off video will be played over the school network.
  • Explain the timeline and process for AFJ.
  • Distribute AFJ CD’s and pocket folders
  • (fact sheet, cover letter, resume, pocket guide)
  • February 9th 1st and 4th periods
  • 1st period Full time CC students meet with Mrs. Volk in Auditorium
  • Full time students participate in AFJ 4th period
  • ~10min. Introduction/Hook: Use slides 2-5 to explain the program and how students will benefit. Use slide 5 (the last 4 bullets) to explain what they will have to do this year
  • ~30min.: Use slides 7-9 to explain resumes and slides 10-12 to explain the cover letters. Assign toolkit resume and cover letter toolkits to do in class or take home. (some students may bring one from English class or another up to date copy) Explain your rubric (English teacher’s sample is in data folder) used to grade them.
  • ~15min.:Use slides 13-15 to explain the completion of the fact sheet/pocket guide, give assignment deadlines.
  • February 16th 1st and 4th periods: finish components of AFJ
  • ~Completed assignments include-Resume, Cover Letter, Fact Sheet
  • ~20min.: Use slides 17-24 to explain interviewing process tips.
  • Have students practice an interview with a peer in class.
  • Students should complete one staff member practice interview before the professional interview.
  • February 26 – Professional Interviews
  • Schedule to be announced later:Whole school participation AM and PM
thursday s interview schedule

Thursday’s Interview Schedule

8:10-8:20 Interviewer Orientation in Auditorium

8:25-8:40AM 1st Interview PM12:10-12:25

8:55-9:10AM 2nd Interview PM12:30-12:45

9:15-9:30AM 3rd Interview PM12:55-1:10

9:30-9:45AM 4th Interview PM1:15-1:30

9:55-10:10AM 5th Interview PM1:30-1:45

10:15-10:30AM 6th Interview PM1:55-2:10

10:45 Lunch in Auditorium 2:15 turn in packets

to auditorium

thursday area supervisors
Thursday Area Supervisors
  • Library- Meg Kerr
  • Lower Commons- Ronda McManus
  • Mary Ritchie’s room- Brendan Smith
  • Academic Assistance Area- Vivian Petersson
  • Rm 20-21 Early Childhood Education- Leslyn Wahl
  • Ice Cream Table across from cafeteria- Denise Grewell
  • Commons and Halls- Steve Wilson, Dar Schaaf
Billings Career Center

Thursday February 26, 2009

Post Interview Survey for Professional Interviewers

  • How many students did you interview today? __________
  • Of the students you interviewed, how many were adequately prepared? __________
  • Please rate the following areas on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest) after today’s interviews:
  • Student professionalism _____
  • Student preparedness _____
  • Student appearance _____
  • Student comfort level _____
  • Student eye contact _____
  • Quality of the interview questions you were provided _____
  • Amount of time allotted for the interviews _____
  • Physical setting for the interviews _____
  • Additional comments for improving the interview process: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Thank You for your participation in the interviews.
Billings Career Center

Thursday February 26, 2009

Post Professional Interview Student Survey

  • Do you think your interview today went well?
  • Yes ____ No ____
  • Do you feel that participating in this school project will help you get a job in the future?
  • Yes ____ No ____
  • Will you be able to use the “About Finding A Job” book materials for future reference?
  • Yes ____ No ____
  • What ideas do you have that would change or help improve the process used at the Career Center to teach “About Finding A Job”?


  • Review resumes and cover letters for appropriateness
  • Public Service Announcement Wednesday 1st and 4th to remind students about Thursday
  • No hall passes on Thursday, there will be regular daily breaks
  • Job finding films will be looped over channel 3 all day
  • Release students 5 minutes prior to scheduled interview
  • Expect students back in 30 minutes
  • Upon return, collect student folders (give to Les)
  • Appointment cards will be delivered 1st and 4th Wednesday to be stapled to student folders
teacher reminders to students
Teacher Reminders to Students
  • Dress for Success
  • Revisit Thursday’s Schedule
  • “About Finding A Job” was a gift