60 autocad tips in 60 minutes l.
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60 AutoCAD Tips in 60 Minutes PowerPoint Presentation
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60 AutoCAD Tips in 60 Minutes

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60 AutoCAD Tips in 60 Minutes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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60 AutoCAD Tips in 60 Minutes. Lynn Allen Autodesk Technical Evangelist. Objective:. Show you some tips and techniques that will increase your productivity and help you work smarter!. User Interface Tips. Workspaces AutoComplete (Tab to cycle) Move Model space/Layout tabs

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60 AutoCAD Tips in 60 Minutes

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Presentation Transcript
60 autocad tips in 60 minutes

60 AutoCAD Tips in 60 Minutes

Lynn Allen

Autodesk Technical Evangelist


Show you some tips and techniques that will increase your productivity and help you work smarter!

user interface tips
User Interface Tips
  • Workspaces
  • AutoComplete (Tab to cycle)
  • Move Model space/Layout tabs
  • Easy Copy of Layout Tabs New!
  • Drag and Drop to Sheet Set New!
  • New 2D Dashboard New!
  • Status Bar and Tray customization
  • Anchored Palettes
  • Clean Screen (or Ctrl 0)
  • Taskbar to 1
  • Lock Toolbars
  • Double click toolbars to float
  • Lock/Unlock Viewport on Status Bar New!
  • VP Scale on Status Bar New!
quick customizing tips
Quick Customizing Tips
  • CUI now customizes the Dashboard New!
  • Drag and drop toolbars to the Dashboard New!
  • Easier to Search and Create New Commands New!
  • Get rid of F1!
  • Quickly create a Tool Palette of your blocks in Design Center
  • Customize the File dialog
layer tips
Layer properties per viewport New!

Control of visual properties

Easy reset to global properties

Customize your Layer Columns New!

Deactivate the Status Column to save time

Speedy Layer State Manager Access New!

Applying Layer States per Viewport New!

Layer Tips
misc layer tips
Misc. Layer Tips
  • Layer Isolate now fades layers New!
  • LAYUNISO is back New!
  • Layer Translater (LAYTRANS)
    • Translates layers to a standard (dws, dwg or dwt)
    • Force objects to bylayer
  • LAYWALK (View layers individually)
  • LAYDEL (Delete even the most stubborn layers!)
  • SCALELISTEDIT – Plot, Page Setup, Vport toolbar, Properties, etc.
  • JOIN Command (Glue)
    • works on plines, lines, arc, elliptical arcs and splines
    • Use to turn an arc into a circle
  • FILTERS command

AutoCAD 2006

text tips
Word Docs maintain spacing, font, etc. New!

Text wraps automatically over multiple columns New!

Tab styles and paragraph line spacing control for selected lines New!

New Spell Checker Improvements

Multiline Attributes! New!

Control the Text Sample string


Click outside of the dialog box to exit command quickly

Control+Enter to exit command MTEXT


Text Tips
table tips
Table Tips
  • AutoFill available in AutoCAD Tables
  • Tables wrap automatically over multiple columns
  • Insert blocks and text in same cell
dimensioning tips all new
Multiple Leaders

Multiple segments

Leading or trailing position on text

Options for placement of leader with respect to text






Dimensioning tips (all new)
misc tips in autocad 2008
Misc. Tips in AutoCAD 2008
  • Inverse Xclip
  • Layer control for attached DWF files
  • Create smaller PDFs with DWF
  • PUBLISHCOLLATE – multipage PDF
  • Import/Export DGN
  • Recover for Xrefs
keys keys keys
Keys, Keys, Keys
  • Control+R to cycle through all of your viewports
  • Control+A to select all the objects in your drawing
  • Control to cycle through objects
  • Tab to cycle through object snaps
  • Navigate through layouts with Control+PageUp and Control+PageDown
  • Hold down right mouse button to clear grips
  • Shift for more than one hot grip
  • Arrow up and down through commands
  • Control+Tab to cycle through open drawings
  • OSNAP Tracking to find the center of a box
  • M2P or MTP to find the midpoint between two points
tip 75 embed drawings into ppt
Tip #75: Embed Drawings into PPT!

Insert menu – Object –> Autodesk DWF Viewer Control

Right click on image – Autodesk DWF Viewer Control ->Properties – Select DWF File

DWF will only display when the Slide Show is playing


Tip #77: DWG TrueView (now includes True Convert)

Supports viewing and plotting of DWG files, and publishing to DWF

  • Batch converts drawings to previous releases
  • Stand alone product – no need for ACAD to be installed
  • Same fidelity as Save as in AutoCAD
  • Conversion of pen widths to line weights and the addition of page setups.
  • www.autodesk.com/trueview



autodesk design review 2008
Autodesk Design Review 2008




tip 78 autodesk design review 2008
Tip # 78: Autodesk Design Review 2008




tip 79 autodesk design review drawing version compare feature
Tip # 79: Autodesk Design Review – Drawing Version Compare Feature
  • Highlight additions/ deletions
    • Select Tools > Compare
    • Browse and load the DWF files
    • Select sheets to overlay and click OK

Free Download: autodesk.com/designreview

tip 80 introducing autodesk freewheel
Tip # 80: Introducing Autodesk Freewheel

Share designs online - Free

  • Publish DWF
  • Upload & Email Link
  • View & Print 2D & 3D designs online without install software
  • Utilize for drawing catalogs and archives