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10 Steps To Become a Certified Service Center

10 Steps To Become a Certified Service Center. What Is the Certified Service Center Program?. Program to help identify those facilities that are most likely to provide positive service experiences. Mission. Identify quality service providers To consumers To manufacturers

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10 Steps To Become a Certified Service Center

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  1. 10 Steps To Become a Certified Service Center

  2. What Is theCertified Service Center Program? Program to help identify those facilities that are most likely to provide positive service experiences.

  3. Mission • Identify quality service providers • To consumers • To manufacturers • Promote positive service experiences • Establish service quality standard

  4. History

  5. Types of Service Centers • Appliance • Audio Video • Business Office Equipment • Communications • Computer • Consumer Electronics • Home Theater • Mobile/12 Volt • Satellite/Antenna • Security System

  6. Certified Service Centers

  7. Certified Service Centers

  8. Certified Service Centers

  9. Certified Service Centers

  10. Certified Service Centers Electronics Division Communications Division

  11. Certified Service Centers ABL Electronics New England Communications Systems, Inc. The Appliance Doctor Thompson Electronics Service D&T Appliance Service Company South Jersey TV, Inc. McCann Electronics, L.L.C. Roe Communications, Inc. Sterling Electronics, Inc. Electronic Specialist Glass Antenna Service

  12. Manufacturer Supporters • Appliance Parts Distributing Association (APDA) • DCCM Cellular • Dey Distributing • Electrolux • Frigidaire • LG-Zenith • Flarion Technologies • Haier • Hitachi America • Mitsubishi • Night Owl Optics

  13. More Mfg. Supporters • Kenwood • Motorola • Panasonic Consumer Electronics • Parasound Products • Philips Consumer Electronics • Pioneer Electronics • Rostra Precision Controls • Samsung Electronics • Sharp Electronics • Soliloquy Loudspeaker Co.

  14. More Mfg. Supporters • JVC • Sony Electronics Inc. • Sub Zero Manufacturing • Maytag • Microsoft • Thomson Multimedia Inc. • Toshiba America Consumer Products • Yamaha • Whirlpool Corporation

  15. Why become certified? • Tell customers that quality is important • Increase perceived value of your service • Bolster customer confidence • Differentiate your business • Increase customer base • Gain from the process

  16. Incentives to Become a CSC • Hitachi- CSC recommendation in owners manuals • Pioneer-$100 towards CSC application fee • PSA-Free Cost of Doing Business Program-$65 -Free Appliance Tech Certification-$100 -Free 1 year PSA & PSAnet dues-$95 -Free financial analysis by CPA-$1,000 • ETA-Free 1 year membership -Free CET Exam Study Guide-$60 -Free Set ETA Antenna Study Guides-$50 -Free Customer Service Specialist Study-$30

  17. …additional CSC incentives • NARDA-$300 annual membership which includes a one year CEA membership • NESDA-free registration at annual NPSC • USA-$100 towards Service Institute Registration or membership • Additional Industry partners are announcing upcoming incentive plans (Kenwood and Mitsubishi)

  18. How do we apply?

  19. Requirements • Service Facility • Code of conduct • Test equipment/Tools • Service and warranty policies • Management skills • Technical certification • Licensing, insurance and appearance

  20. 1. Repair Facility • Suitable Facility • Comply with zoning ordinances • Supply Photographs

  21. 2. Code of Ethics • Agree to conduct business ethically

  22. 3. Test Equipment • Submit list of test equipment • Agree to maintain in good repair

  23. 4. Customer Service Policy • Communication with customer • Tracking quality of customer service • Written and Posted

  24. 5. Technical Certification • 25% of techs certified • Recognized certification programs

  25. 6. Service Manager Certification • Employ one manager that has passed the Certified Service Manager exam • From any qualified association or college

  26. 7. Licensing • Comply with federal, state and local business licensing and zoning laws

  27. 8. Insurance Coverage • Business liability • Coverage for customer merchandise • Supply copy of insurance certificate

  28. 9. Service Warranty • Post written warranty • Include reasonable labor coverage • Include reasonable parts coverage

  29. 10. Professional Appearance • Display signage • Be clean, neat and professional • Written dress code for employees that interact with customers in person

  30. Investment Calculation Base Fee 475 Assoc Membership -90 50% Tech Certification -90 C/S Certification -25 Extended Payments (+90) ------------------------------------- Total Investment xxx

  31. Visit www.c-csc.org

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