3 simple steps to become a cna
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3 Simple Steps to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant-CNA

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3 Simple Steps to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant-CNA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Simple Steps to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant-CNA \nFormal Duties \nBecome a CNA \nRegister for certification exam \nEducate yourself \nGive the certification exam \nhttp://cnacareersmart.com

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table of contents
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Formal Duties
  • Become a CNA
  • Register for certification exam
  • Educate yourself
  • Give the certification exam
certified nursing assistant
Certified Nursing Assistant
  • CNA in particular stands for “certified nursing assistant”.
  • A Certified Nursing Assistantis a degree for medical nurses to give them validation to professionally handle their patients.
certified nursing assistant1
Certified Nursing Assistant
  • A nursing assistant works under different categories and places, such as nursing homes, day care, hospitals and even personal homes.
  • Their most important duties are to fulfill the basic needs of the patient, to keep in record the daily vital information of the patient and then provide a report to their supervisors.
certified nursing assistant2
Certified Nursing Assistant
  • CNA is one the most demanded certification in the growing healthcare industry itself.
  • CNAs play a vital role in recovering the health of a patient.
formal duties
Formal Duties
  • For a CNA their duties also serve as their job description for their career.
  • Here are some formal duties that a CNA performs.
  • They look out for their patient and record any vital signs, measure temperature.
  • A nursing assistant works as a care taker of the patient and helps them throughout their recovery. They feed them, groom them and keep their surroundings clean.
formal duties1
Formal Duties
  • All the patients require physical as well as emotional support. It is the duty of a nurse to provide the patient with what they expect.
  • It is a vital duty of a nurse to provide an updated status report of a patient to the concerning doctor or Registered Nurse (RN).
become a cna
Become a CNA
  • To become a certified nursing assistant all you need is a high school diploma or GED equivalence.
  • Here are 3 simple steps to become a CNA.
  • Register for certification exam
  • Educate yourself
  • Give the certification exam
register for certification exam
Register for certification exam
  • If you want to get your CNA certification you have to register yourself for your certification exam.
  • The requirement for registration is different in all the states of US so you should have some basic knowledge of your local regulations before you register.
educate yourself
Educate yourself
  • After getting yourself registered you have to prepare for you certification exam.
  • Some states require 75 hours of compulsory training before giving your exam.
educate yourself1
Educate yourself
  • These training programs are available both online and on institute
  • You can look for training programs in local medical institutes, nursing home, hospitals.
  • There are also online programs available for those who have other important priorities and do not have enough time to attend classes for training.
  • For that you have to take 12 weeks of training that will educated you with different programs required to prepare for your exam.
give the certification exam
Give the certification exam
  • After you have got your training you are ready to give the certification exam.
  • This examination is divided into two parts, written and practical.
  • The written part consists of multiple choice questions that will basically test your knowledge.
give the certification exam1
Give the certification exam
  • The practical part requires demonstrating your nursing skills that will decide if you are capable to become an attendant or not.
  • You will have to keep in mind the basics skills needed to take care of a patient.
  • Your result would be announced on most probably the same day or the next.
  • If you have passed, you will be awarded with the certification of Certified Nursing Assistant making you an official attendant for Registered Nurse (RN)