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A day in the life PowerPoint Presentation
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A day in the life

A day in the life

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A day in the life

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  1. A day in the life By Daniel Cooke

  2. Friday • Friday is a school day. • On Friday we do lots of different things. • I will show you these in the following slides.

  3. Breakfast • I always have ready brek (a type of porridge made with oats and milk) for my breakfast. • I have my breakfast with my family (mum, dad and sister Elena).

  4. Walking to school • We ( Elena , friends and I ) walk to school every day.

  5. Maths • We start the day with maths. We do adding, subtracting , times tables and division. • There are about 24 children in the maths class.

  6. Play time • Play time is when pupils get a rest from work. • We can play football or tag or anything else you want to play.

  7. French or Art After play time we have either French or Art with Mrs Beattie. I enjoy French because it is very interesting and I love Art because I like to make pictures and I am very happy when I draw a good picture.

  8. Lunchtime • At lunch time we go down to the football pitch and walk to the canteen. You can either have a packed lunch or school dinner. After that we go outside and play in the playground.

  9. Learning logs • After lunch we do our learning logs which is when we write everything we did in the past week.

  10. Golden time!!! • Golden time is when we get to do fun activities like ball games, football, computer, cartoon drawing, science technology, card making and chill out.

  11. Home time! • After golden time we go home. Here is a picture of my house. My house

  12. Football A few hours later I go to football. At football we play matches in our age group. I usually score a few goals but there are some really good players there.

  13. The end Thank you for reading