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Homework : Prez Election RQs due next Tuesday PowerPoint Presentation
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Homework : Prez Election RQs due next Tuesday

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Homework : Prez Election RQs due next Tuesday - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FrontPage : NNIGN. Fully Functional Nintendo Controller Coffee Table. Homework : Prez Election RQs due next Tuesday. Who Votes, Who Doesn’t and Why…. Influences on Voters Part 1: . Why do people vote?. Civic duty? Influence policies? Bored? PB + D <C?

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Fully Functional Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

Homework: Prez Election RQs due next Tuesday

who votes who doesn t and why

Who Votes, Who Doesn’t and Why…

Influences on Voters

Part 1:

why do people vote
Why do people vote?
  • Civic duty?
  • Influence policies?
  • Bored?
  • PB + D <C?

P = probability that vote will matter

B = perceived benefit that a person will receive if their party wins

D = civic duty/democracy, or any personal gratification a person receives from voting

C = cost of “doing business”

turnout by party so who votes more
Turnout by party…so, who votes more?
  • This chart shows approximately how many people are registered members of each political party.
the type of election
The Type of Election
  • Why do you think the type of election matters?
what other factors influence whether people turn out to vote
What other factors influence whether people turn out to vote?
  • What other factors did you find?
    • What else might influence people to turn out or stay away?
  • Weather
  • “Ballot fatigue”
    • And in presidential years, “time-zone fallout”
  • The polls
    • Candidate in the lead?
    • Candidate trailing?
  • Propaganda…and negative campaigning…
    • How do you think this impacts voter turnout?
why don t people vote
Why don’t people vote?
  • Vote doesn’t matter
  • No interest in politics
  • Don’t like any candidates
  • Too busy
  • Other reasons?
how can we increase voter turnout
How can we increase voter turnout?
  • Change the day of the election
    • Election holiday?
  • Universal registration for all eligible voters
  • Fine/penalty for not voting
  • Internet voting
  • What are the pros and cons of each of these?


Carbonite Han Solo Cookies

Chewbacca Bento

Homework: Propaganda Poster due Thursday

influencing voters

Influencing Voters

All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach. Adolf Hitler

The 7 Types of Propaganda

what is propaganda
What isPropaganda?
  • Propaganda - methods and techniques used to influence people’s opinions…
    • Includes the use of ideas, information, or even rumors to influence the opinions of the public
  • We are going to talk about 9 different types of propaganda.
  • Then you will have a chance to test your ability to find the different propaganda devices at work.
attempt to convince others that everyone is doing it and they should do it too


Attempt to convince others that “everyone is doing it”, and they “should do it too.”

“Jump on the bandwagon…”

card stacking
“Card Stacking”
  • Downplay or completely ignore facts that support the other side...
  • Present only facts that support your case…
glittering generalities a k a buzz words
Glittering Generalitiesa.k.a. – “Buzz Words”
  • Use positive, general terms that everyone can identify and agree with to describe a candidate and make them sound good…

“Security” “Strength”

“Freedom” “Service” “Change”

“Leadership” “Justice” “Hope”

“Experience” “Values”


What words might be examples of “glittering generalities” in these ads?

name calling
“Name Calling”
  • Labeling others with negative names, or accusing them of wrongdoing…


“Attack Ads”

plain folks
“Plain Folks”
  • Gain the support of the “common people”
  • Try to appear just as they are…
  • Show that you understand their problems, and are “working” for them

  • Use a famous person to support a candidate
    • Aka “endorsement”

Associating positive symbols with a candidate

  • A euphemism is a generally harmless word, name, or phrase that substitutes an offensive or suggestive one.[1] Some euphemisms intend to amuse, while others intend to give positive appearances to negative events or even mislead entirely.
    • Embryo Reduction Procedure (ERP) is used as a substitute for abortion in order not to inflame those opposed to the word “abortion” itself.
    • Undocumented Workers is a glorified term for gainfully employed illegal aliens.
    • Limited kinetic action – used to describe US military action in Libya in 2011
    • Enhanced interrogation techniques – torture?
    • Inoperative statements – in plain language means “lies”
    • An offer they can’t refuse – murder, a la the Godfather…
  • Perhaps the strongest of all emotions, fear can be used to influence people to accept things they may not have otherwise, or to vote for candidates who promise to keep them safe.

Probably the best examples of the use of these propaganda techniques in campaigns are found in television ads…