Sets nomination 2014
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SETS Nomination 2014. A comprehensive bespoke student information system. Introduction. The system is known as Studio and is all the work of Paul Green Studio is an extremely comprehensive information management system built using PHP and Javascript with MYSQL as the backend database

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Sets nomination 2014

SETS Nomination 2014

A comprehensive bespoke student information system


  • The system is known as Studio and is all the work of Paul Green

  • Studio is an extremely comprehensive information management system built using PHP and Javascript with MYSQL as the backend database

  • Studio is used by both staff, students and parents and is constantly evolving as new functionality is added

Reason for nomination
Reason for nomination

  • The sheer scale of the application – too big to go into all the functions but has everything from an online register to an exam re-sit payments system

  • The system can be used by teaching staff to access all relevant information about students, college management to monitor student progress and exam results, students to access information on their progress and exams and parents to access details of their son’s/daughter’s progress, attendance etc

  • There is also an online mark book called Response

  • This is a one stop shop for everything that staff, students and parents need to know

Some key features
Some Key features

Comprehensive mark book and monitoring of progress.

Students can access their own marks and progress data and parents also have access to data relevant for them.

As this is an in-house system it can be tailored specifically to meet changing requirements thus is very flexible.

You can get an idea of the range of functionality from the number of menu options

Sophisticated student reporting
Sophisticated student reporting

This system has 10 different categories of notes providing staff with a sophisticated, thorough but easy to use and read reporting system. Being bespoke it is easy to add categories and the system is in constant development and improvement.

Staff view
Staff view

View on accessing

the system – view

based on permissions

and role in college

Pop out menus give access to sets of detailed records – subject references, medical data, exam data, attendance, work progress etc

The system can also be used to book any room in college not timetabled for a lesson

Staff and student access to progress data
Staff and student access to progress data

Staff, students and parents can easily see progress across all subjects with opportunities for students to comment on their work.

For all concerned this provides an easy way to identify problem areas.

Who can do what
Who can do what

Cross college

Book a room, full data analysis for all their classes present and past (last 4 years), view enrolment reports and A2 choices, view all staff photos, look up timetable of other staff

Student Information

View student attendance, exam results, work progress, enter grades on mark book, invite parents in for parents evening, write subject references, enter A2 choices, complete student leaving administration, complete class registers, view online notes made by any staff member on any student, view contact information for all students, access learning support data

Teaching staff

Personal Information

View timetable, request and print new ID card, enter peer lesson observations and view observations involving them, quality performance indicators for their own classes

Sets nomination 2014

  • In addition to what teaching staff can view, college managers can also view :-

  • Lesson observation reports for all staff they line manage

  • Quality performance indicators such as ALPS, work done etc for all staff they line manage

  • Medical data of students

  • Detailed enrolment reports

College managers

Students (and their parents)

Their timetable and exam data, online mark book showing their graded work, attendance data, personal information such as contact information, enter medical information

Student services

Manage enrolment and interview letters, manage subject/internal UCAS references system and tracking, manage trip permissions, exam entries, letters to employers where relevant and administer Parents, pages

Conclusion managers can also view :-

  • Studio is the product of hundreds of hours of work but over the last year has been enhanced greatly to allow Parents and College managers to access relevant and comprehensive data.

  • The scope of information Studio contains is vast and is now a critical part of college systems. The programming involved is of a very high level and worthy of recognition.

  • Studio is a highly technical and complex system but easy to use.

  • While many other colleges have created in-house information management systems I have yet to see one as comprehensive as Studio which is a key reason I am submitting this nomination.