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education for global citizenship. New ways to learn for our future International School and NGO-Network 2003 - 2006. First statement. A changing world ... The young people of today will grow up to be the citizens of the future: but what that future holds for them ist not yet clear.

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Education for global citizenship

education forglobal citizenship

New ways to learn for our future

International School and NGO-Network

2003 - 2006

First statement
First statement ...

  • A changing world ...

    The young people of today will grow up to be the citizens of the future: but what that future holds for them ist not yet clear.

  • Young people are already aware ...

    Young people today are not passive or complacent. They are concerned about the destruction of the rainforests, that many people in the world go hungry, that conflict affects the lives of people in both, North and South.

What is the project all about
What is the project all about?

  • Theme: „Global Citizenship“

    We want to get better awareness of global issues

    The focus of this topic can be chosen by each school (theme-finding process)

  • Partnerships

    North-South Partnerships

    between NGOs and schools

    within schools (students and teachers, different subjects)

Who is participating
Who is participating?

  • International Pilot Project

    Participants from

    Chile, Cameroon, Italy, the Netherlands and Austria

  • NGO – Non Governmental Organisations

    Südwind Agentur - Austria

    Interkulturelles Zentrum - Austria

    CICSENE – Pianeta Possibile - Italy

    Alice O – The Netherlands

    Christians Sisters‘ Association - Cameroon

    PIIE (Programa Interdisciplinario de Investigaciones en Educación) - Chile

  • Schools

    From each County 5 schools

What will be the proceedings
What will be the proceedings?

  • Official Start of the Project

    17th of November 2003 (Start of the Global Education Week 2003)

  • Two joint Seminars in each participating country

    Cameroon: 12th - 15th of September 2003

    Chile: 22nd of October 2003

    Austria: 3rd - 5th of November 2003

    Italy: 20th - 22nd of November 2003

    The Netherlands: 25th of November 2003 and 16th/17th of February 2004

  • Two international Conferences

    First International Conference: 21st - 24th of April 2004: Salzburg, Austria

    Second International Conference: September 2005: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Production of Materials and Teaching Expedients

  • The End

    31st of March 2006

First international conference
First International Conference

  • Organisation

    21 – 24 April 2004: Salzburg

    Delegations of the Pilot Schools (3 per school)

  • Programme

    get to know each other (presentations of the countries and of the schools)

    starting of the plannings for the international school projects

    Cultural Programme in Salzburg

  • School Visits: 24 – 28 April 2004

    Delegations from the Partnerschools in Chile, Cameroon and Italy were visiting the Austrian schools.

    They stayed with host families and have taken part at school-lessons.

  • Second International Conference

    September 2005

International school projects
International School Projects

  • International project work in the theme groups: April 2004 - September 2005.

  • Nominated Coordinators and Reporters of the theme groups.

  • 3 Reports („questionnaires“) to the international project co-ordination:

    • June 2004

    • Dezember 2004

    • June 2005

  • Presentation of the work of the theme groups at the Second International Conference (September 2005).

Which material will be produced
Which material will be produced?

  • Logo

    which was designed by a brasilian artist: Ricardo Cosendey

  • Folder

    Including a short description of the project

  • Newsletter

    3 Newsletter about the working progress in the project

Which material will be produced1
Which material will be produced?

  • Information

    what is Global Citizenship?

    Informations about participationg countries

    Informations about participating schools

    additional links and literature

  • Communication


    Discussion forum

  • Documentation

    Documentation of successful projects

    Documentation of project output (Curriculum, Manuals, ...)

What else
What else ...

  • Posters and Postcards

  • Manuals

    Two handbooks with project presentations.

  • T-Shirts, Audio-Tapes, CD-Roms, Videos ...

  • Certificates of attendence for participating schools

What will be the outcomes
What will be the outcomes?

  • Global Awarenessfor all participants

  • Further development of important key-competences

    e.g. languages, communication skills, teamwork skills, knowledge about global cohesons ...

  • International project work in schools

  • long-lasting international school partnerships

  • Amity between students and teachers

Education for global citizenship

Thank you for


Steering Team


Barbara HELM


Christian KOGLER