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KickApps Social Strategy 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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KickApps Social Strategy 2011

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KickApps Social Strategy 2011

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KickApps Social Strategy 2011

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  1. KickApps Social Strategy Offering Spring 2011 A KIT Digital Company

  2. You have questions. We have answers. KickApps Social Media Strategy team is here to help you figure out the best possible solution for your brand before you start building. It’s a wise investment that will wind up saving you both time and money. The following pages outline all the questions we can answer for you. A Kit Digital Company

  3. KickApps Social Strategy team offers WHAT IS THIS THING CALLED SOCIAL MEDIA? HOW DO I KNOW IF I’M DOING IT RIGHT? EDUCATION seminars on a variety of topics for small or large groups. We’ll explain the difference between social engagement (which can happen on your domain) and social media (which often refers to outside sites) A KIT Digital Company

  4. HOW’S MY COMPETITION DOING? WHAT ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE SAYING ABOUT MY BRAND WHEN I’M NOT LISTENING? KickApps Social Strategy team offers a full RESEARCH report including competitive, category and SWOT analyses. We have relationships with Radian 6, Google Analytics and Omniture for more data-driven engagements. A KIT Digital Company

  5. KickApps Social Strategy team takes the research we’ve compiled and COMMENTING? USER VIDEOS? FACEBOOK PAGES? ACK! WHAT SHOULD I DO FIRST? develops an engagement STRATEGY for your brand. We start by figuring out your business goals and your staffing capabilities. From there we’ll develop a set of recommendations on which tools to use and when, along with a series of suggested promotions to get them going. A KIT Digital Company

  6. KickApps Social Strategy team uses our proprietary Social Sellingplan to help WHAT GOOD IS HAVING ALL THESE “FANS” IF NONE OF THEM ARE BUYING ANYTHING? you determine the best STRATEGY for using the social web to increase revenue. We’ll even show you how to design your site to optimize this behavior, and explain why it’s important to include both offensive (proactive) and defensive (reactive) components in your social engagement strategy. A KIT Digital Company

  7. WHAT SHOULD WE BE POSTING? WHO IS GOING TO BE POSTING IT? WHAT’S A COMMUNITY MANAGER? KickApps Social Strategy team can help you PLAN your social media content strategy: everything from editorial calendars to organizational charts to finding (and explaining) the roles and responsibilities of a community manager. A KIT Digital Company

  8. HOW DO WE ACTUALLY BUILD THESE SITES? AND HOW DO WE LET PEOPLE KNOW THEY EXIST? KickApps Social Strategy team can help OVERSEE the design and user experience to ensure your sites are meeting your “Social Selling” goals. We’ll also advise you on ways to PROMOTE your new sites so your customers can find them. A KIT Digital Company

  9. KickApps Social Strategy team offers full SUPPORT for your social OUR SOCIAL SITES KEEP GROWING. HOW DO WE KEEP UP WITH THEM? engagement programs. Everything from coaching to training to best practices. We can also help you identify your most influential community members so you can turn them into Brand Evangelists who’ll help you in your marketing efforts. A KIT Digital Company

  10. KickApps Social Strategy team can help HOW DO I KNOW IF THIS IS WORKING? CAN I MAKE ANY MONEY OFF OF IT? you DETERMINE ROI on each new project. That means figuring out what’s realistic and which results each of your internal audiences are most interested in. A KIT Digital Company

  11. WE’VE HAD THIS SITE UP FOR SIX MONTHS-- IS IT STILL WORKING? WHAT ELSE SHOULD WE BE DOING? KickApps Social Strategy team can perform a SOCIAL AUDIT to determine where your brand’s social engagement plan is at. We’ll look at what’s working, what’s not, what’s changed in the past six months and how you should react to it. A KIT Digital Company

  12. CAN I GET HELP ON AN ONGOING BASIS, SOMEONE TO ADVISE ME WHENEVER SOMETHING COMES UP? KickApps Social Strategy team offers CONSULTING on all matters social for a relatively modest monthly fee. We are available on-site, via video conference or over the phone. A KIT Digital Company

  13. The ideal engagement starts with our Social Strategy team visiting your offices and meeting with all your key decision-makers. Everyone from sales WHAT CAN I EXPECT IN TERMS OF DELIVERABLES? to marketing to IT. We’ll then deliver a detailed report with analyses, conclusions and recommendations. Once you’ve reviewed the report and our recommendations, we can decide which features and programs to move forward with. A KIT Digital Company


  15. SOCIAL STRATEGY TIMELINE 1. We visit your office to learn more about your company. 6. You decide which components you want to move ahead with and we engage our Production teams. 2. We conduct research on you and your competitors. 7. We offer guidance on everything from staffing to editorial calendar to user experience flow. 3. We identify a social selling goal to build your social experiences around. 8. We help with launch, providing best practices and other support. 4. We plan a series of “quick win” promotions that can help kick start your program. 9. We provide ROI metrics and recommend tweaks to the program based on the results. 5. This is all presented in a detailed report along with recommendations on platforms, functionality and determining ROI. 10. Within 3 to 6 months, we conduct a Social Audit to ensure optimal performance A KIT Digital Company

  16. Contact us at A KIT Digital Company