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MAC Business Meeting: Year In Review. Curt Eischens, Council Chair Amy Fredregill, Managing Director November 10, 2008. Theme: Pride in Our Past, Promise for our Future. We are proud of our co-op heritage and know we have a bright future if we work together to spread the cooperative message

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Mac business meeting year in review

MAC Business Meeting: Year In Review

Curt Eischens, Council Chair

Amy Fredregill, Managing Director

November 10, 2008

Theme pride in our past promise for our future
Theme: Pride in Our Past, Promise for our Future

We are proud of our co-op heritage and know we have a bright future if we work together to spread the cooperative message

  • Minnesota is the leading cooperative state in the nation

  • MAC is strong and growing and reflects the important of cooperatives in our state

  • Unification with WFC has been very positive

    • Little has been asked and much support has been given

Council meetings
Council Meetings

  • The MAC Council met in the spring and summer, besides the annual meeting

    • Spring meeting focused on strategic planning

      • Governance changes recommended (to be discussed later)

      • MAC Council is analyzing how to meet needs of a growing membership

  • Spring meeting was held in conjunction with legislative session

  • Summer meeting at Great River Energy

    • Co-ops 101 and Director Liability Workshop scheduled day before

Mac membership is growing
MAC Membership is Growing

  • Membership continues to grow gradually despite mergers and acquisitions

  • Largest growth in financial services and senior housing

  • However, mergers primarily in grain and ag supply sector continue to offset part of our membership gains.

  • Membership continues to diversify

    • Committees become even more important with this diversification.

Mac budget
MAC Budget

  • MAC’s financial position continues to improve

    • MAC’s 2008 positive net of $54,000 on total budget of just under $600,000

  • Review of dues formulas this summer resulted in minor changes:

    • 4% inflationary dues increase due to increases in fuel costs, postage, and health insurance

    • 5% for senior housing cooperatives due to a potential significant legislative initiative

    • Farm Supply, Grain and Fuel dues form revamped to adjust to rapid price changes in fuel, fertilizer and other crop inputs

Mac representation on wfc board of directors
MAC Representation on WFC Board of Directors

  • The WFC Board is pleased with the continued strong progress being made in Minnesota

  • Your three representatives on the WFC Board actively participated in the Board’s activities and discussions

    • Neil Christy

    • Dennis Hunwardsen

    • Curt Eischens

    • Dave Hoelmer served as the alternate

Wfc board
WFC Board

  • There is a very positive working relationship between MAC Council and WFC Board

  • At WFC Board meetings, little or no attention is paid to what state the director lives in

  • WFC Board relies on MAC Council to set Minnesota policy agenda, but actually invites MAC Council members to help advise on Wisconsin policies issues

Governance committee recommendations
Governance Committee Recommendations

  • Result of the MAC Council and WFC Board strategic planning processes

    • Both want to finalize the unification that occurred in 2004

  • MAC reps on Governance Committee included Eischens, Hoelmer and Christy (3 of 8 members)

  • Strong desire by both MAC Council and WFC Boards to operate under a new name that is not tied to a state or region

  • The new organization would register under Minnesota cooperative law

Governance committee recommendations1
Governance Committee Recommendations

  • Proposed board organization would substantially increase the representation of Minnesotans on the corporate board

    • This reflects the confidence the WFC Board has in the growth of Minnesota membership

    • Never felt issues were decided in the WFC Board meetings by what state the board member came from

  • Minnesota policy issues would be determined by a new state committee

    • Committee would handle the responsibilities of the MAC Council

    • Wisconsin policy issues would be handled by a new Wisconsin state committee since the WFC Board would no longer exist

Proposed article and bylaw changes
Proposed Article and Bylaw Changes

  • Your representatives strongly encourage you to vote for the proposed changes

  • Please stay for final vote on Wednesday – only votes cast then will count

  • Please make sure you have read everything in your packets regarding the proposed Governance Committee changes

  • If you have any questions, please ask a MAC rep on the WFC Board (Eischens, Hunwardsen, Christy or Hoelmer) or staff

Mac council elections this year
MAC Council Elections This Year

  • District Representative

    • 2– Current Representative is Paul Kent

    • 5– Current Representative is Curt Eischens

    • 6– Current Representative is Jim Tibodeau

  • Sector Representatives

    • Purchasing Local – Current Rep is Dennis Hunwardsen

    • Marketing Dairy – Current Rep is Steve Schlangen

    • Marketing Livestock & Production-- Current Rep is Jeff Reed

    • Utility Distribution – Current Rep is Tom Hayes

    • Consumer Housing - 2 years left remaining on term, Janet Boland resigned.

    • Financial Services – Current Rep is Dave Hoelmer

Mac committees
MAC Committees

  • Farm Supply, Grain and Fuel

    • Twice yearly

    • Chair – Kelly Christianson, Roseau Farmers Union Oil

  • Utility Advisory Committee

    • June review of resolutions

    • Members: Hayes, Martens, Hjelle, Parsley, Tomes, Redalen, Hauer, Heinz, Nieuwsma

  • Senior Housing Network

    • Quarterly

  • Credit Union

    • Annually

  • Dairy

    • Three times per year


    • Assets rose to $10,500

    • 1st in person meeting today

  • Resolutions

    • Elected Chair – Steve Krikava

    • Elected Vice Chair – Jim Bareksten

2008 state policy initiatives
2008 State Policy Initiatives

  • Livestock investment grant program

  • Milk truck weight exemption

  • Ag hours of service

  • Tax data match provision

  • Renewable energy mandates and greenhouse gas limits – co-op friendly

  • Transportation funding

  • Grassroots Action Alerts– thanks for responding

Adopt an urban legislator and co op day at capitol
Adopt-an-Urban Legislator andCo-op Day at Capitol

  • Important to gain an understanding of cooperatives with new urban and new legislators

  • MAC has initiated an “Adopt an Urban Legislator” Program

    • We will schedule meetings for you with “Adoptees” in St. Paul or in your district

    • Bruce will explain more

  • Co-op Day at the Capitol is scheduled for March 11

    • Please let us know if you interested in attending

    • Need to have strong turnout to make an impact

Climate change
Climate Change

  • Climate change working group

    • MAC will continue to play an active role on this issue

      • Important to ensure legislators understand:

        • The need for balance

        • The need to rely on science in making public policy

        • The need make certain new regulations are cost effective

    • Legislative meetings being scheduled

      • Bill Oemichen has been invited to meetings with state senate environmental leaders

    • MAC is building alliances with other utility and agricultural organizations

    • MAC has convened ag, trans, petroleum group

    • WFC/MAC has strong knowledge base and will use this during debate on global climate change

Major federal policy priorities
Major Federal Policy Priorities

  • Farm Bill

    • MAC advocated for farm credit, grain, dairy, energy, rural development, co-op capital and development, electric service territory, etc.

  • Mississippi River Locks and Dams

    • MAC (and WFC) part of national coalition to ensure approval of funding for lock and dam modernization

Cure campaign
CURE campaign

  • Chair of Gopher CURE chapter of national coalition

  • Met with Attorney General Lori Swanson

  • Meetings with MN Congressional Delegation

    • Support obtained from most members

    • Strong partnership with WFC and Wisconsin Congressional Delegation

Co op care
Co-op Care

Health Care: State and Federal

  • Farmers Health Cooperative of Wisconsin is a success and we are working for the state success in Minnesota

  • Continue to work on Minnesota Department of Commerce approval process

    • Slow and complicated since there is no defined application process

  • Also investigating new opportunities with other partners that may not require formal state approvals

  • Continue to administer USDA grants

  • MAC is playing an active role in state and federal legislative health care policy development

    • Bill Oemichen testified before the U.S. Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee (invited by Senator Norm Coleman)

    • Amy Fredregill has been meeting with state legislators


  • Bioenergy projects for co-ops in the Upper Midwest

    • Opportunities for both agricultural and forestry biomass

    • Priority for MAC to ensure cooperative ownership of biomass aggregation, processing and transportation

      • Appropriations being sought from Congress to support WFC and MAC’s efforts

      • MAC has also applied for a Minnesota Department of Agriculture grant

    • Matt Krumenauer has been hired as new staffer to work with Bill, Amy and Tim on this project

Regulatory issues
Regulatory Issues

  • Red flag (identity theft) rule model policy for members

  • Info on security of co-op deposits

  • SPCC regs – trying to make rule less onerous. Supporting proposed rule that no longer requires professional engineer.

  • Liaison with ag community for transmission siting.

  • Bickford project complete.

    • letter from EPA

Mac education foundation
MAC Education Foundation

  • Directors:

    • Eischens

    • Hayes

    • Hoelmer

    • Hunwardsen

    • Christy

    • Al Krysan

    • Mary Buschette

    • Bill Oemichen

    • Amy Fredregill

  • Fundraising drive

  • Slettom Scholarship program

Foundation co op month

Fourth year of radio outreach campaign

Governor’s proclamation

Cross industry marketing assistance

Foundation: Co-op Month

Foundation expanding and integrating co op curriculum
Foundation: Expanding and Integrating Co-op Curriculum

  • Speakers, case studies, field trips

  • University of MN

    • CFANS Advisory Board

    • Partnering with Koller Chair

    • CHS Graduate Fellowship

    • Ag Working Group

Slettom inducted into hall of fame
Slettom Inducted Into Hall of Fame

  • Tributes to Slettom this year

    • Biographical Booklet

    • U of M Advisory Committees

    • Scholarship clearinghouse

      • Please complete and return survey

Educational opportunities
Educational Opportunities

  • Recent:

    • Director Liability Workshops

    • Co-ops 101 Workshops

    • Credit Issues Conference

    • CoBank Customers Meeting Training Session

  • New:

    • Capital, Contracts and Risk Management Conference

      • Thanks to CoBank, Cofina and ProPartners

Senior housing programs
Senior Housing Programs

  • 300 attendees at 8th Annual Senior Housing Cooperative Conference, May 2008

  • Workshops

  • Managers-only Network

  • Golf tournament

Youth conference
Youth Conference

  • “Big MAC” MN Youth Cooperative Leadership Conference

    • 70 students, 15 chaperones at March 2008 conference

    • Thanks to local co-op sponsors, MN Credit Union Foundation, CHS Foundation, CoBank and other sponsors

  • March 16-17, 2009

    • Please consider sponsoring local youth

Discussion and questions
Discussion and Questions

  • Overall, a very successful year for MAC

  • Thanks for your membership and ongoing support during this important transition year

  • We look forward to the continued growth and your active involvement

  • Together, we can accomplish great things in the future




Presentation of mac council
Presentation of MAC Council

  • District Directors

    • 1 – Kelly Christianson – Roseau

    • 2 – Paul Kent – Mora

    • 3 – John Funk – Melrose

    • 4 – Bob Doane - Minneapolis

    • 5 – Curt Eischens – Minneota

    • 6 – Jim Tibodeau - Delavan

Council industry representatives
Council Industry Representatives

  • Financial Services – Neil Christy and Dave Hoelmer

  • Marketing Dairy – Steve Schlangen and Dave Scheevel

  • Marketing – Livestock & Animal Breeding – Jeff Reed

  • Purchasing Regional Supply – Lee Uldbjerg

  • Purchasing Local Supply – Jerry Hasnedl, Jeff Nielsen and Dennis Hunwardsen

  • Utility Distribution – Tom Hayes and Audrey Hjelle

  • Utility – Generation & Transmission – Don Martens