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Teaching Perception Through Writing

Teaching Perception Through Writing. HWP 2011 Daniel Kimbley. Self-Perception. How do you view yourself? What type of person are you? How do you think your best friends would describe you?. “A time I got into trouble was…”.

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Teaching Perception Through Writing

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  1. Teaching Perception Through Writing HWP 2011 Daniel Kimbley

  2. Self-Perception How do you view yourself? What type of person are you? How do you think your best friends would describe you?

  3. “A time I got into trouble was…” Describe a time when you got into a significant amount of trouble. What happened? What were the consequences? What were your reactions to those consequences?

  4. Sample: “A time I got into trouble was…” A time I got into trouble was when I was in third or fourth grade. We were at my babysitter’s house throwing rocks at her brick garage. She came out and yelled at a group of us to stop throwing the rocks because we were going to break a window. Of course, we didn’t listen and continued throwing the rocks. As boys do, we started having a contest to see who could get the longest ricochet off of the garage. It started getting a little dangerous because the rocks were bouncing off the wall and hitting us in the legs. Fearing injury, I stepped behind a tree and dropped the ammo in my hand when, CRASH, the window shatters. I guess I was the only one accused because my younger brother seemed too innocent and the babysitter’s grandson surely wasn’t going to be the culprit. I was grounded for about three weeks and was forced to slave in my parents yard; I paid for something that really wasn’t my fault.

  5. “A typical day in my life looks like…” Describe a standard day in the life of you. Where do you go? Who do you see? What do you do? What do you eat? What music do you listen to? Be as descriptive as possible.

  6. “A group I exclusively belong to is….” Describe a group you exclusively belong to. What is the group? What is a memorable experience with that group?

  7. “Party Mixer” http://youtu.be/RHMPZIxIi-g

  8. Perception of Others What is your view of the person you are reading about? Be sure to be respectful. REMEMBER, you are not responding to the writing you are simply free writing about your perception of the person you “see” in front of you.

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