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High Quality Standards-Based Curriculum PowerPoint Presentation
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High Quality Standards-Based Curriculum

High Quality Standards-Based Curriculum

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High Quality Standards-Based Curriculum

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  1. High Quality Standards-Based Curriculum Success for Every Oak Ridge Student PLCs What Do We Expect Students to Learn? How Will Our Instructional Practices Ensure Growth for All? Response to Intervention Highly Effective Instruction Targeted Response to Learning Balanced Assessment System Instructional Framework PLCs PLCs Building Level Leadership District Level Leadership How Will We Respond When They Do Not Learn It? How Will We Know When They’ve Learned It? Balanced and Reliable Measurement PLCs

  2. District Essential Practices DISTRICT NON-NEGOTIABLES District Essential Practices INDICATORS TEACHER PRACTICES

  3. What is Differentiation? Is a teacher’s response to a learner’s need which is shaped by mindset (growth) What does D.I. look like? OR What are the guiding Principles of Differentiation? How can I differentiate? Differentiate according to a student’s: How do I determine Readiness? PRE-ASSESSMENT & ON-GOING ASSESSMENT

  4. DI FOCUS: Formative Assessment • A planned process • Involves teachers and students • Uses assessment-based evidence • Adjusts teaching and learning • An assessment is formative or summative based on how it is used • Formative = for learning; during instruction • Summative = of learning; after instruction

  5. Inside the Black Box: Raising Standards Through Classroom Assessment By Paul Black and Dylan Wiliam Firm evidence shows that formative assessment is an essential component of classroom work and that its development can raise standards of achievement, Mr. Black and Mr. Wiliam point out. Indeed, they know of no other way of raising standards for which such a strong prima facie case can be made. Click this link to read the full article

  6. Formative = Ongoing • Modifications → Mastery of objectives • Mindset → Do something differently NOW • Ongoing → “It’s a process!”

  7. Central FocusPersonalized Instruction “The changes in classroom practice are central rather than marginal, and have to be incorporated by each teacher into his or her practice in his or her own way”