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Evaluation. November 2012 – May 2013. Return from Spain. We came back from Spain full of experience . We organized a meeting for our colleagues and children where they could taste typical S panish sweets and olives and they could see photos from our journey .

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November 2012 – May 2013

Return from spain
Return fromSpain

WecamebackfromSpain full ofexperience. Weorganized a meeting forourcolleagues and childrenwheretheycould taste typicalSpanishsweets and olivesand theycouldseephotosfromourjourney.

Fromthistimewepreparedchildrenforthe visit in ourschool.

The project task of the third period
Theprojecttaskofthethird period:

  • Editing and publishing the Anthology of School The Bests – set of distinctive literary works

  • Editingschoolnewspaper

  • Designing the multimedia files- This is yummy!

  • Organization of the European Young Man of Letters Festival


Editing and publishing the Anthology of School The Bests

set of distinctive literary works

  • Duringthisschoolyearourstudentswrote in lessonsof Czech language – stylistics - stories and poems on differenttopics. Thenteacherschosethebestworks.

  • AfterpublishingTheAnthologyofSchoolThe Best weorganized meeting on whichtherewasreadingthestories



Childrenfromthe 3rd, 4th and 5th classgotinvolved in thistask.

Theywrotethearticlesagain in lessonsof Czech language.


Designing the multimedia files

This is yummy!

Children in afterschool club cookedtraditionalCzech meal. Itwas very interestingforthem. Theyenjoyedthistask and themealtoo. Thecutestchildrenwereourpupilsfromthe 1st class.

Night with andersen
Night with Andersen

GirlslearnedSpanish and Turkishdance.

Therewas a quizaboutprojectComenius.

Night with andersen1
Night with Andersen

BoyspreparedItalian pasta and pizza.

Girlsprepared a fashion show.

Night with andersen2
Night with Andersen

Beforesleepingwelistened and readthelegends and storiesfrompartner´scountries.

Project day comenius
Project dayComenius

Beforeyour visit wedividedchildreninto 10 groups. Theylookedfortheinformationaboutyourcountriesathome and thenwe ...

… talkedaboutyourcountries, …

We preepared food from your countries
wepreeparedfood fromyourcountries, …

We made collages about your countries
wemadecollagesaboutyourcountries, …

A gain collages
againcollages …

Thank you for your attention