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A basic business in an Economic system might make. a) Televisions. b) I-pods. c) buses. d) Basketball sneakers. Please try again. Correct. A form of government in which People participate directly in The decision making. a) Direct democracy. b) communism. c) Representative democracy.

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Presentation Transcript
A basic business in an

Economic system might


a) Televisions

b) I-pods

c) buses

d) Basketball sneakers

A form of government in which

People participate directly in

The decision making

a) Direct democracy

b) communism

c) Representative democracy

d) monarchy

A system of producing, distributing,

Consuming, and owning goods,

Services, and wealth.

a) government

b) economy

c) dictatorship

d) capitalism

Why are people working to

Save their own cultures

a) To protect their technology

b) To save valuable traditions from being lost

c) To create new inventions

d) To save their environments

The system that sets up and

Enforces a society’s laws and

Institutions is called a(n)

a) Monarchy

b) Acculturation

c) Economy

d) government

Communication around the

World takes place quickly &

Easily because we live in a

a) Nuclear family

b) Urban Town

c) Global village

d) Cultural landscape

The worldwide concern about

The environment that began in

The 1950’s is an example of a(n)

a) Information overload

b) Cultural change

c) Environmental change

d) Technological change

A political system in which

Citizens elect people to make

Decisions for them

a) Representative democracy

b) Oligarchy

c) Direct democracy

d) Acculturation

An economic system in which

Most basic & non basic industries

Are privately owned .

a) Communism

b) Socialism

c) Capitalism

d) Democracy

The process of accepting,

Borrowing, and exchanging

Ideas among cultures.

a) Ethics

b) Cultural Diffusion

c) communism

d) Acculturation

Three examples of political

Systems are.

a)communism, socialism, & democracy

b)monarchy, democracy, & oligarchy

c)monarchy, dictatorship, & socialism

d)acculturation, oligarchy, & monarchy

What are two types of products

That can be found in ANY


a) Goods & services

b) Business & technology

c) Computers & cars

d) Hunting & gathering

A change in the climate of a

Place can change a culture by


a) Their ancient history

b) What music they listen to

c) Their family structure

d) What food they grow

A political system in which a

King or queen rules a nation or


a) dictatorship

b) Oligarchy

c) monarchy

d) Socialism

The movement of customs and

Ideas from one culture to

Another is known as

a)Cultural Diffusion

b) Ethnocentrism

c) Acculturation

d) Cultural Landscape

An economic system in which

The government owns all basic

And non basic industries

a) Socialism

b) Communism

c) Oligarchy

d) Capitalism

As a result of recent tech-

nological advancements,

Cultural change has

a) Remained the same

b) Slowed down

c) Affected few people

d) Sped up

A ruler or leader who has complete

Control over a country or government

a) monarchy

b) capitalism

c) dictatorship

d) Oligarchy

Three examples basic

Economic systems are

a) capitalism, democracy, & communism

c) consumerism, monarchy, & socialism

b) socialism, communism, & oligarchy

d) capitalism, communism, & socialism

A set of laws that define or

Limit a governments power

a) Constitution

b) Habeas Corpus

c) Amendment

d) Democracy