what is immigration n.
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What is immigration ?

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What is immigration ?. Immigration  ( derived from Latin: migratio ) is the act of people entering and settling in a country or region to which they are not native .

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what is immigration
What is immigration?

Immigration (derivedfromLatin:migratio) is theact of peopleenteringandsettling in a countryorregiontowhichtheyare not native.


"Immigration will, in the years ahead, be one of our biggest challenges, offering opportunities of growth and jobs for our aging economies and of development for countries of origin„—Jacques Barrot, European Commission Vice-President for Justice, Freedom, and Security

reasons why people immigrate
  • FinanciallySecuredFuture

Gainingfinancial stability and better futureprospects, whenanother country is offering better future anticipations,higher wages and a polished lifestyle

  • HighStandard of Living

Anotherlifestyle, f.ex. Biggeroffer of culturalactivities, shorterworkinghours

  • Education

Education is critical for preparing immigrants and their offspring tobe active andsuccessful participants

  • PoliticalReasons

Wide range of political reasons are arrayed with the termimmigration.People immigrate to maintain a global presence amongst various countries


Needs of a big Change in Life

Sometimespeoplefeeltired of their life in one place and feelneed of totalchange of their environment orfriends, to cut off their family…

  • Soul Mate

Some migration is for personal reasons, based on a relationship such as in in family reunification ortransnational marriage

  • Example of Someone Else

Thefirstpersonimmigratesandsends “HappilySettled” informationto his lovedonesliving in thenativecountry. And then… others also immigrate to the same country to enhance their future prospects


Classification of immigrants

migrant/foreign worker


legal illegal

illegal workers

Illegalemployment is concentrated in certainsectors, particularlyconstruction, agriculture, cleaning, and

hotel/catering, wheretheyhelpmeettheneeds of someemployerswillingtotakeadvantage of workers

whowillacceptwhataremostlyunskilled, oftenunsafe, andgenerallylow-payingjobs


Legal Workers

„Legal" immigrant is loosely defined as someone who comes to a different country from their country of citizenship through the legal process in place by the target country.

EU legislation on legal immigration is typically tied to existing work or study arrangements and concern:

■ Familyreunification:

■ Long-termresidents

■ Students:

■ Researchers:

■ Legal status of non-EU workers:

■ Highlyskilledworkers



Refugee is a person who is outside their country of origin or habitual residence because they have suffered persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or because they are a member of a persecuted 'social group'



immigrants often do jobs that people in the host country don’t want to do, theyoften work longer hours and for lower salaries, whatbenefits the host country


Cultural DiversificationImmigrants, when made to feel welcome in the host society, can contribute to the diversity of that society, which can help with tolerance and understanding



  • sport
  • cne
  • media
  • art
d evelopment of new forms of dealing with discrimination social exclusion racism and xenophobia
Developmentof new forms of dealingwith discrimination, social exclusion, racism and xenophobia
c ultural conflicts on religious or ethnic background about traditional clothes prayers food
Culturalconflictson religiousorethnic background; abouttraditionalclothes, prayers, food…

Culturalconflicts: racismhatred of one person by another,or the belief that another person is less than human because of skin color, language, customs, place of birth…


„Brain drain”limited resources hosting countryspend in educating their students compared to foreignstudents(f.ex. the UK for is often accused of actively hiring medical staff from developing countries)


CriminalityBecause of badlivingconditions and not enoughsocialhelp from the hosting country sometimes the growingrate of streetfightsand drugtraffickingisbeingconnected with immigrants


„Withoutthe assumed net migration inflow, Europe’s population would start shrinking from 2012 onwards”(European Commission, 2009,p. 70)


Immigration to Europe increased from the 1980s onward, as a result of people from developingcountries wanting to escape war,oppresion, natural disasters or poverty.Some EU countries saw a dramatic growth in immigration after World War II until the 1970s. MostEuropeannationstoday (particularlythose of the EU-15) havesizeableimmigrantpopulations, many of non-Europeanorigin. IntheEuropeanUnion, as the EU citizenshipimpliesfreedom of movementandresidencewithinthe EU itself.

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