Management information systems
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Management Information Systems. Islamia University of Bahawalpur Delivered by: Tasawar Javed. Decision Support Systems. Problem: Some MIS failed, and failure convinced information specialists: to develop another way to help problem solvers make decisions

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Management information systems

Management Information Systems

Islamia University of Bahawalpur

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Decision support systems
Decision Support Systems

  • Problem:

    • Some MIS failed, and failure convinced information specialists:

    • to develop another way to help problem solvers make decisions

    • Then the term Decision Support System was introduced by G. Anthony Gorry & Michael S. scott

    • This system was tailored to specific problem solvers and specific problems

Decision support systems1
Decision Support Systems

  • A DSS is;

    • IS at the Management level of an organization that combine data and sophisticated analytical models to support semi-structured and un-structured decision making.

    • Like MIS, DSS serve the management level of the organization. IS supports decision in vastly different ways, and DSS are a class of systems that supports decision in a unique way (at least when compared to the past)

      • Characteristics of DSS given:

Decision support systems2
Decision Support Systems

  • A DSS is

    • DSS offer users flexibility, adaptability, and a quick response

    • DSS allows users to initiate and control the input and output

    • DSS operate with little or no assistance from professional programmers

    • DSS provides support for decisions and problems whose solutions can’t be specified in advance

    • DSS use spohisticated analysis and modeling tools

Decision support systems3
Decision Support Systems

  • A DSS helps:

    • Managers make decisions that are semi-structured, unique, or rapidly changing, and not easily specified in advance.

    • DSS have to be responsive enough to run several times a day in order to correspond to changing conditions.

    • DSS use internal information from TPS and MIS, they often bring in information from External sources, such as current stock prices or product prices of competitors.

Decision support systems4
Decision Support Systems

  • Clearly,

    • DSS have more analytical power than other systems, they are built explicitly with a variety of models to analyse data

    • DSS are designed so that users can work with them directly; these systems explicitly include user-friendly software. This requirement follows both from their purpose (to inform personal decision making by key actors) and from the method of design

    • These systems are interactive; the user can change assumptions and include new data

Decision support systems5
Decision Support Systems

Relational Database

Knowledge Data




Relational DBM system



Multi dimensional

DBM system

Report writing





Periodic & special


Outputs from



Outputs from


Solutions &


Output from


Decision support systems6
Decision Support Systems

  • At the top 3 sources of information that is delivered to users

  • DSS outputs were originally produced from a relational DB and included periodic & special reports a & outputs from Mathematical models.

  • Next, group decision support capability was added by means of group-oriented SW called groupware

  • The groupware enabled the DSS to act as a group decision support system (GDSS)

Decision support systems7
Decision Support Systems

  • Recent additions:

    • DSS include AI and on-line analytical processing.

    • AI is the science of providing computers with the ability to display behavior similar to that of an intelligent human.

    • AI is built into the DSS by means of knowledge base of information about a problem area, and an inference engine that can analyse the contents of the knowledge base, online analytical processing OLAP involves the storage of data in a multidimensional form to facilitate the presentation of an almost infinite number of data views.

Decision support systems8
Decision Support Systems

  • Multidimensional database

    • MDB is type of DB that is optimized for data warehouse & OLAP applications. MDB allows user to ask question like “how many iPhones have been sold in Bahawalpur so far this year”

  • OLAP

    • This application helps to access data from multidimensional DB.

    • It enables analyst, managers & executives to

      • Gain insight into data through fast, consistent, interactive access to a wide variety of possible views of info