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F-3000™ Connector Family

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F-3000™ Connector Family - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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F-3000™ Connector Family. What is the F-3000™ fiber optic connector system?. The following questions must be answered: What advantages does the F-3000 fiber optic connector grant? What are future market requirements? What are the main parameters of the F-3000 connector?

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Connector Family

what is the f 3000 fiber optic connector system
What is the F-3000™ fiber optic connector system?
  • The followingquestions must be answered:
  • What advantages does the F-3000 fiber optic connector grant?
  • What are future market requirements?
  • What are the main parameters of the F-3000 connector?
  • The answers are as follows:
  • Includes all the technical (mechanical & optical) advantages of the E-2000,the F-3000™ offers the same high quality transmission in a reduced size (SFF).
  • Market requirements are always growing, an up-to-date connector must be suitable for long distance transmissions as well as for fiber-to-the-X applications (access domain).
  • Packing density and modularity to cover all interconnection tasks using the same high performance basic components.
F-3000™ SFF (Small Form Factor)

A complete connector family

Using the same basic parts to offer reliable optical and mechanical performances in PC and APC versions.

The F-3000™ connector family is suitable for Simplex, Duplex as well as for Backplane applications, thanks to the high-tech modular design of their components.

DIAMOND F-3000™ Fiber optic connectors

Features & Benefits

Diamond’s two component ferrule

NEW Ø1.25mm

Active Core Alignment to ensure fiber core eccentricities <0.2 mm


Positive latching mechanism

  • Superior retention under axial load
  • Resistant construction


Integrated protective metal cap

  • Protection against eye-damaging laser radiations
  • Strong reduction of dust and scratches of ferrule front-faces


High-tech modular designed components

  • Enables fiber- as well as cable termination (up to Ø 3mm)
  • High packing density (port spacing similar to RJ45 design)


worldwide compatibility
Worldwide compatibility


F – 3000™ by DIAMOND

  • The F-3000™ connector from DIAMOND is fully compatible with the LC standard and additionally offers:
  • integrated spring loaded protective cap
  • sturdy designed metal thumb-latch with additional plastic button for better handling
  • Diamond’s two component ferrule of Ø1.25 mm, which enables Active Core Alignment
DIAMOND F-3000™ Fiber optic connectors

Simple, modular construction

“Alberino” F-3000™ with the new Diamond ferrule Ø1.25 mm

Universal bend protective cable-boot

Plastic button



Universalcrimping sleeve,

independent from cable diameter

Multi-componentconnector housing with integrated, spring loaded protection metal cap and reliable latching mechanism

f 3000 connector dimensions duplex
F-3000™ ConnectorDimensions (duplex)
  • Duplex button
  • Bridge clip for duplex assembly
high quality finishing top class optical performance
High Quality FinishingTop class optical performance
  • Up to 0.1 dB Insertion Loss (IL) for “Low IL” version
  • Up to 85 dB Return Loss (RL)
    • Long distance
    • transmission
    • Higher transmission efficiency
    • High mating
    • repeatability
diamond s computer assisted centering process active core alignment
Diamond’s computer assisted centering processActive Core Alignment
  • Computer assisted core alignment
  • Extremely reduced core eccentricity (< 0.2 mm)
  • High precision tilt-angle measurement
    • Guarantee of higher mating repeatability
    • Permanent optical performances
diamond technology for higher repeatability surface polishing
Diamond technology for higher repeatabilitySurface polishing
  • Convex PC as well as APC polishing of the ferrule front-face, guaranteeing fiber contact and reduction of the reflection
  • Repeatable polishing thanks to the well known reduced hardness of the DIAMOND’s ferrule insert
  • High performance connector mating
DIAMOND F-3000™ Fiber optic connector

A complete range

F-3000™ single SFF connector, ensuring high quality performance, maintaining channel independence and flexibility.

Connectors “Simplex”:


F3000™ Simplex SM/PC

F3000™ Simplex MM/PC

F3000™ Simplex SM/APC

DIAMOND F-3000™ Fiber optic connector

A complete range

F-3000™ Duplex connector, enabling a variety of applications in reduced spaces, combining all the F-3000™ features for duplex integration.

Connectors “Duplex”:


F-3000™ Duplex SM/PC

F-3000™ Duplex MM/PC

F-3000™ Duplex SM/APC

DIAMOND F-3000™ Fiber optic connector

A complete range

F-3000™ Backplane connector system, taking advantage of the F-3000 connector and an optimized guiding mechanism for secure backplane connection without mechanical stress on the PC board.

Connectors “Backplane”:


F-3000™ Backplane SM/PC

F-3000™ Backplane MM/PC

F-3000™ Backplane SM/APC

DIAMOND F-3000™ Mating Adapters

Deepening the E-2000™ experience

The F-3000™ mating adapter is suitable for differentapplications, thanks to its flexibility, permitting the usage of a variety of metal mounting brackets (clips) over the same plastic body.

Using the same basic parts in order to offer repeatable performances for PC and APC connectors.

DIAMOND F-3000™ Mating Adapters

Features & Benefits

Compact, modular construction

  • High product flexibility
  • reduced number of basic components


Spring loaded metal shutter

  • Protects personnel from eye-damaging laser radiation
  • Angled, anti-reflection surface, ensuring low RL in unmated state


Interchangeable mounting brackets

  • Allow ideal fixation depending on the application
  • On place assembly of the necessary components


f 3000 mating adapter cross section
F-3000™ Mating AdapterCross section
  • Eye protecting metal shutter
  • High precision mating sleeveÆ 1.25mm
f 3000 mating adapter guidance of the connector
F-3000™ Mating AdapterGuidance of the connector
  • Guidance on the two buttons of the dust protection cap in the first phase
  • Guidance on the whole body in the sleeve
  • prior to the insertion of the ferrule
  • Guidance on the bottom
f 3000 mating adapter construction
F-3000™ Mating AdapterConstruction
  • Full compatibility with LC connectors
  • Reduced number of components
  • Simplified assembly
  • Metal shutter with
  • integrated spring function
f 3000 mating adapter compatibility
F-3000™ Mating AdapterCompatibility

Compatibility of our mating adapter with LC connectors without integrated dust cap

F-3000™ Connector system


  • The F-3000 connector by DIAMOND is a very versatile connector, which
  • can be used in many different applications:
  • Telecommunication Networks,
  • CATV thanks to its high optical performances
  • Data Processing Networks
  • Local Area Networks, thanks to its reduced dimensions and
  • Fiber-to-the-X its protection characteristics

(including FTTC, FTTH and FTTD)