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Connector . Have look through the ‘Odd Ones Out’ worksheet and put a cross through the odd ones!

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  1. Connector Have look through the ‘Odd Ones Out’ worksheet and put a cross through the odd ones! Challenge: Select three gothic elements from the worksheet (of your choice) and annotate on your copy of ‘The Snow Child’ where these elements are apparent. Explain in your annotations how Carter captures these gothic elements and what effect she is trying to create by doing so.

  2. The Gothic LO: To analyse ‘Snow Child’ and Carter’s representation of the three characters. To incorporate A04 into our responses.

  3. Task 1 – analysis of extract In groups read the extract given to you. Make sure you provide detailed annotations as you will provide feedback to the rest of the class. Extension: look through the ‘Odd Ones Out’ worksheet and discuss what elements of the gothic you can identify from your extract. You must explain how and why the gothic is presented through the elements you identify.

  4. Task 2 - Examiner’s Report • Read the examiner’s report – highlight and annotate key information. I do it – I will show you what I expect from you We do it – you will do it in pairs and then feedback so I can see you are doing what is expected from you You do it – you will then continue to highlight and annotate the text extracting from it important information regarding the exam.

  5. A04 – A Further Report • The contexts we are interested in are those set up in the questions • We are interested in cultural and literary contexts • Candidates may use other contexts in relation to different interpretations but those contexts must be relevant to the questions • We are not interested in bolted on biographical and historical contexts • Candidates should therefore avoid pre-prepared “chunks” on the gothic • Historical contexts that are generalised rarely serve any purpose

  6. A04 – Marking Criteria AO4: Demonstrate understanding of the significance and influence of the contexts in which literary texts are written and received. What does this mean exactly?

  7. Task 3 - Essay • Read the essay given to you with a partner. • Decide what mark/band you would give the essay and why. • What are your thoughts on A04? Discuss with your partner and be prepared to share with the class.

  8. Gothic texts celebrate the victory of emotion over reason’ to what extent do you agree? • The child’s emotions are sidelined as she is objectified by The Count as his emotions have taken over reason. Carter uses dark themes that don’t just celebrate victory of emotion over reason. Instead, the text appears to condemn the victory of emotions like sexual desire over reason in the corruption of innocence of children, ‘thrust his extremely virile member into dead girl’. This startling line appals the reader as it present’s issues of paedophilia and necrophilia that threaten all reason of society. Carter further highlights these neglected morals in ‘The Bloody Chamber’, in the Marquis’ desire of deflowering young virgins ‘the child with her sticklike limbs, naked’, Cater specifically indicates it is the males emotion that is prioritised despite the females own emotions of terror ‘I shivered to think of that’, a contrast that provokes the readers thoughts in reason of this hierarchy and stimulates debate from a feminists viewpoint. The Gothic setting around ‘the snow child’ creates a romantic yet haunting landscape of a cold winter’s day, ‘midwinter- invincible, immaculate’. The opening line presents the themes of innocence and virginity that are corrupted by the Count’s power that is inevitable, again presenting a hierarchy of males over females. This therefore questions the victory of emotion over reason and society’s debatable morals. We do it – As a class, let’s decide how we can gain higher marks for A04. Remember no bolt-on context. It should all be relevant! Consider how the gothic is contextualised.

  9. Review - You do it! • Answer one of the following, referring to ‘Snow Child’ and paying particular focus to A04. Your responses will be collected and marked for next lesson. • Gothic texts expose humanity’s excessive cruelty. To what extent do you agree? or • Gothic imagery is most effective when it is subtly disturbing. To what extent do you agree?

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