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Decision Making

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Decision Making. To mow or not to mow…hmm. Secondary Center In-Service August 2006. What Is Decision Making?. It is the process of choosing one course of action over another Should your company expand? Buy or sell something? What is the rationale behind one choice or another?

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decision making


To mow or not to mow…hmm

Secondary Center In-Service

August 2006

what is decision making
What Is Decision Making?
  • It is the process of choosing one course of action over another
    • Should your company expand?
    • Buy or sell something?
    • What is the rationale behind one choice or another?
    • How can you make better decisions?
decision making3
Decision Making
  • Every person makes thousands of decisions everyday…
    • everything from which socks to wear
    • to whether to change professions
    • to whether to go to work/school on time
  • Decision Making is a learned skill; hopefully you get better with experience.
decision making4
Decision Making
  • Strategies
  • Preparation
  • After Decision Made
  • Common Kinds of Wrong Decisions
  • Personality and Decisions
strategies in analyzing decisions
Strategies In Analyzing Decisions
  • Look at the proposed solution from different perspectives
  • Pros and Cons
  • Cost/Benefit
  • Understand how personalities affect decisions
preparation for making decisions
Preparation for Making Decisions
  • Gather Information
    • Having the right information is key to making right decision
  • Analyze Risks & Opportunities
    • Study risk and opportunities that most people ignore
preparation for making decisions8
Preparation for Making Decisions
  • Seek Counsel
    • Don’t expect to know it all
  • Step out and make the decision
    • Don’t be hasty, but don’t wait because of fear
after making a decision
After Making a Decision
  • The most important step to take after making a decision is to move forward.
  • Even if the next decision ends up being how to correct the first one.
  • Regardless of right or wrong decision, don’t waste time re-analyzing.

All my life, whenever it comes time to make a decision, I make it and forget about it.”

--Former President Harry S. Truman

after making a decision11
After Making a Decision
  • It is important to EVALUATE a decision.
    • Compare results of decision with the goal.
    • Did you meet the goal?
    • Obtain feedback from those most directly affected by decision.
    • Were the effects positive or negative?
    • Were they what you expected?
after making a decision12
After Making a Decision
  • Some cases will reflect wrong decisions
  • Check to see if a decision can be reversed
  • Minimize impact of decision and admit mistake
  • Be humble and learn from mistakes
after making a decision13
After Making a Decision
  • Apologize to any harmed in mistake
  • Determine where in the decision-making process mistakes were made
  • Identify the problem so won’t make the same mistake next time
common kinds of wrong decisions
Common Kinds of Wrong Decisions
  • Spur of the moment decisions
    • Based strictly on emotion without information
  • Self-centered decisions
    • Look out for the interests of self rather than others
  • No decision at all
    • Good procrastinators find ways to delay, but comes at great cost to self and others
poor decision making
Poor Decision Making
  • Can you name some of the worst decisions made in our century.
    • Decisions made by the crew of the Titanic
    • Hitler’s decision to exterminate those who were not German
    • The Soviet Union, Cuba and other countries deciding to adopt communism as their form of government
    • President Nixon’s decision to break into the Democratic Party’s offices to steal campaign plans



Decision Making

personality styles
Gold-- Symbolizes security, responsibility, work, service, stability, sensibility and loyalty.

Blue – Reflects complete calm, peace, harmony, contentment, deep feeling, empathy and belonging.

Orange– Epitomizes vibrancy, energy, action, commands attention right now, danger, openness and movement.

Green–Embodies nature, growing, complexity, abundance, power, creativity and designing ideas.

Personality Styles
questions to ponder
Questions to Ponder….
  • What personality styles tend to make decisions based on logic and facts?
  • What personality styles tend to make decisions based on emotions?
  • How should making decisions based on logic and facts plus emotions work together?
personalities and decision making
Personalities and Decision Making
  • How does the different personality styles make decisions?
  • What personality are you?





how personality styles make decisions
How Personality Styles Make Decisions
  • Blues- usually make decisions based on their feelings or the feelings of others.
  • Golds - usually make conservative decisions based on tradition, facts, and history.
  • Greens - take a long time to make decisions because they like to gather facts and weigh the pros and cons.
  • Oranges - are more apt to make decisions based on impulse or emotions.
points to remember
Points to Remember…
  • People are different and so are their styles of decision making
  • Focus on goals and values
  • Ensure you make ethical decisions by ruling out unethical options
points to remember26
Points to Remember…

That was a great decision!

  • Benefits of making better decisions will be their own reward
  • Your decisions will exhibit who you are and what you believe