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World of Wellness

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World of Wellness - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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World of Wellness
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  1. World of Wellness Health Education Series

  2. All this from one program? WOW! • Promote health literacy by providing students with current, comprehensive health education. • Enhance your efforts to meet standards for health, physical education, and English language arts. • Address childhood obesity with a strong emphasis on physical activity and nutrition. • Give children multicultural connections that are real and relevant throughout the curriculum.

  3. Meet the Challenge of Coordinated Health Education in Elementary School

  4. Fun. Easy. Complete • Each WOW! lesson is presented in a fun story formatthat keeps kids engaged, while they learn about health and strengthen their abilities in reading, writing, and other cross-curricular topics.

  5. Fun. Easy. Complete • Teach your students the importance of leading an active and healthy life through conceptually grounded, context-based lessons.

  6. Fun. Easy. Complete • WOW! functions as a group of kits—without the cost of a kit!

  7. How WOW! works Each level of The World of Wellness Health Education series consists of the following: • a teacher’s guide • a teacher’s resource CD-ROM • a student book that corresponds to the students’ levels

  8. WOW! student books make reading fun! • The student books present the information in a story format that keeps kids interested.

  9. WOW! student books make reading fun! • Throughout the student books your students will also find sidebars with factual and fun information. These pieces of information enhance the story and can often be used as part of the lessons.

  10. WOW! student books make reading fun!

  11. WOW! student books make reading fun!

  12. WOW! student books make reading fun!

  13. WOW! Health Education Teacher’s Guide Each WOW! book contains these 6 units: • Safety, Injury Prevention, Personal Health, and Physical Activity; • Nutrition Education; • Growth and Development, Body Systems, Health Promotion, and Disease Prevention; • Mental, Emotional, Family, and Social Health; • Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs; and • Community, Consumer, and Environmental Health.

  14. WOW! Health Education Teacher’s Guide • Background information for the content of each of these six units is provided so that you can become familiar with the concepts you will be teaching in the lessons.

  15. WOW! Health Education Teacher’s Guide • In addition, each unit within the teacher’s guide contains • lesson plans, • teacher resources, • Web resources, • literature links, and • parent involvement newsletters. • Much of this information is also repeated on the CD-ROM that’s included with each teacher’s guide.

  16. WOW! Optional teaching materials help you customize delivery to meet local mandates

  17. Optional Teaching Materials • The WOW! Health Education series has several options to make it easy for you to tailor teaching materials to your local mandates and needs. Foremost, the main lesson content teaches the topics thoroughly and accurately withouttouching on potentially controversial topics.

  18. Optional Teaching Materials • The teacher’s guides include a separate Optional Materials section for those districts and schools who wish to share more information about • growth and development, • body systems, • health promotion, • disease prevention related to HIV and AIDS, • sexuality education, and • substance abuse prevention.

  19. NO optional topics are mentioned in the student books or big books, and the optional topics can easily be removed from the printed teacher’s guides without damaging them.

  20. Optional Teaching Materials • WOW! covers sensitive topics in a way that is • customizable, • thorough, • accurate, • age appropriate, and • straightforward.

  21. WOW! Teacher’s Guides Make Presenting the Material A Snap

  22. WOW! Teacher’s Guides Make Presenting the Material A Snap

  23. In addition to lesson plans, the teacher’s guides also include… • WOW Health Background Information • Appendixes

  24. WOW! Also Includes Reproducibles • Each teacher’s guide and corresponding CD-ROM includes the following…

  25. Student handouts and forms for reinforcing content

  26. Parent involvement newsletters One for each of the six units—to reinforce key health and wellness concepts and share the information with students’ families, provided in English and Spanish

  27. One poster per unit and a Spanish translation of each

  28. Spanish translations of each student book with the art included, including the series’ big books

  29. Spanish translations of all reproducibles, including parent involvement newsletters and parent assessment forms

  30. Pre- and post-assessment forms for parents and teachers • Links to Internet information sources, including the full School Health Index materials from the CDC (this content is also repeated in its entirety on the CD-ROM)

  31. Professional Development • The authors of the WOW! Health Education series are available to provide dynamic, hands-on professional development for elementary classroom teachers, physical educations, and health education teachers on implementing the WOW! program, as well as other related issues. • For more information or to schedule professional development for your school, contact the authors at (907) 233-8110 or e-mail

  32. WOW! Health Education Series Editorial Board • Jeff Carpenter, MA Health and Physical Education Olympia (Washington) School District • Barbara A. Huscher, MLA, MEd, MA Violence Prevention and Sexuality Education Boston (Massachusetts) Public Schools • Keith LaVine Physical Education Duval County (Florida) Public School System • Marcy LaVine Health Education Duval County (Florida) Public School System • Sharon Sterchy, MS, EdD Health and Physical Education Aldine (Texas) Independent School District