agricultural impact on the landscape of each region n.
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Agricultural impact on the landscape of each region

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Agricultural impact on the landscape of each region - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Agricultural impact on the landscape of each region. The agricultural activity in Campania is limited to the coastal plains which have got an extraordinary production, thanks to the abundance of water, the fertility of the volcanic land and the favourable climate .

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agricultural impact on the landscape of each region
Agricultural impact on the landscapeofeachregion

The agriculturalactivity in Campania islimitedto the coastalplainswhichhavegotanextraordinary production, thanksto the abundanceof water, the fertilityof the volcanicland and the favourableclimate.

Thatiswhy the Romans called it “Campania felix”


A curiosity: the “piennolo” tomatoes

The cultivationof the piennolotomatoes at the footofVesuviushasgotancientroots. Theseones are verytastytomatoeswhich can bepreserveduntil the springtime, providedthey are tiedwith a sortofgarlandhangingfrom the ceiling.


An exclusive production of the Campania region: The “Annurca”AppleIt is called the "queen of apples" and It is only one originating in the south of Italy

Afterthe crop,the annurcaapplesneed a “reddening” periodwhenthey are placed on some strawtrellis-works. The fruits are placedthere in rows, exposing the lessred side tosunlight.

The term “annurca” isconsideredto come from “mala orcula”, becausesuch a kindofapplewasproducednear the Orcus, thatisnear the Averno Lake (in Pozzuoli).