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A Game Called. Piggle. GAMES. http://www.opencourtresources.com. Have you played any word games before?. Have you made up a game?. What is a rhyme?. This story is A FANTASY. What is a fantasy?. A fantasy story cannot happen in real life. . As we read the story look for

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A Game Called




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Have you played any word games before?

Have you made up a game?

What is a rhyme?

This story is a fantasy what is a fantasy l.jpg
This story is A FANTASY.What is a fantasy?

A fantasy story cannot happen in real life.

As we read the story look for

reasons why this story is a fantasy.

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Giggle – to laugh or chuckle

Game – activity played for fun

Play – to do something for fun

Oh, I see – I understand

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As we read, Remember to:

Make Connections

Good readers make connections between what they are reading and what they already know from past experiences.


Good readers keep track of what they are reading and focus on what is important.

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What kind of game are Bear and Homer playing?

How do they feel when both of them can play the game?

How do you think that you play the game of piggle?

What did you learn about playing games from this story?

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Let's Sequence the Story!

Homer asks Bear to play a game with him. Bear says he will.

Bear says “Triggle like biggle”, then Piggle like miggle”, next Bear continues the game and says “Miggle like diggle”.

Bear recalls what he has said. Homer finally understands the game and gives it a try.

Bear and Homer are happy to piggle together and decide to play some more.