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How to lose friends influence people

How to Lose Friends

& Influence People

By Jason Mangrum

Note​​: You will lose friends on ​​Facebook​​ as a direct result of reading

this short guide, and following its’ suggestions.

However, you’ll also lose them on Twitter, Linkedin, Skype, WhatsApp and

every other social site you frequent on a regular basis.

If you have a list, you might lose subscribers by the ​hundreds

It’s possible you might even lose a few customers or clients.

People may suddenly turn on you and say mean things.


How to lose friends influence people

But before we begin, ​I must come clean.

I have a shocking confession to make.

Hillary’s not the only one who deleted over 30,000 emails. ;)

I recently deleted half of my subscribers, some of whom have been

subscribed to my list for several years - in one day, on a whim.

By this point, you might believe that I am insane.

Why the hell would any sane person delete his own subscribers?

Or want to lose friends on all his social sites.

Or, write a guide teaching others how to reproduce this insanity.

But before we take a trip to the asylum, let me share something...

This is both a case-study and a social experiment.

I was curious to observe the level of influence that social media carries

when highly controversial topics are openly discussed and debated.

I admit, I’ve even “pushed a few buttons” to gauge the reaction response.

My apologies for anyone I have unintentionally offended.

It wasn’t an “act.”

I decided to share my true, authentic self, #nofilter.

Many of my best subscribers are also my friends & followers.

How to lose friends influence people

So when I post something on social media, those subscribers are paying

attention to what I’ve got to say. And it’s an ​entirely

than what I’m saying in the emails I’m broadcasting to my list.

This experiment has created a rather interesting, unexpected result.

It has turned my list of subscribers into a ​raging inferno

clients and supportive customers -- which wasn’t even my intention.

I couldn’t have guessed it would happen that way in a million years.

But shortly after implementing the social experiment on various social

media sites where my subscribers were also hanging out, the sales from

my email promotions, reviews and suggestions started to skyrocket.

I began hitting leaderboards and won 1st place in two competitions…

different experience

of active fans,

1st Place in the Copy & Profit Affiliate Competition

How to lose friends influence people

1st Place in the Single Sale System Speed Contest are paying

2nd Place in the Commission Toolbox JV Contest

How to lose friends influence people

Ok, so I didn’t win #1 every time. are paying

But still, not too bad of a “side effect” for a social experiment. :)

The point is, they say there’s a fine line between insanity and genius.

And that line is an imaginary construct.

Earlier, I mentioned that I had “pulled a Hillary” and deleted half the

emails on my subscriber list…

My reasoning is based in cold logic.

They were not useful.

Over 30,000 subscribers had never opened a single email from me.

They were taking up space on my mailing server, which increased the cost

and every time I mailed out my delivery suffered from folks who would just

cry spam (forgetting they subscribed), or from old emails that didn’t work

anymore, etc… now unless you’re a Clinton, that’s a lot of emails.

But since I have deleted them, my mailing costs have reduced, and now

I’ve got a list of over 30,000 (and growing) subscribers who have ALL

opened my emails. This has resulted in better deliverability as well.

I suggest you do the same if you’ve got a list of subscribers.

Suggestion​​: Once about every three months, filter out those who have

never opened your emails, and delete them from your list.

This will keep your mailing costs low and your deliverability high, which will

result in more of your emails being opened, read and acted upon.

How to lose friends influence people

Once your list is clean, then you can shake things up. are paying

First, send a few emails to your “fresh & clean” subscribers encouraging

them to follow you on Facebook or Twitter or whatever media you prefer.

Or, add it to your signature at the bottom of every email you send.

You want as many subscribers as possible also following and

friend-requesting you on social media sites.

Then, pick a topic you’re passionate about… something that you can easily

share your opinions on… something real and raw and ​uniquely you.

It can be anything. It doesn’t have to be related to business.

The more controversial the topic is, the better the result will be, because

controversy creates a pattern interrupt which causes ​people to pause their

current track of thought

, ​stop what they’re doing​​ -- ​and pay attention​.

For example, what’s more controversial than Mind Control?

See what I just did there?

I utilized a subtle series of suggestions carefully embedded within the

statement I just made above. ​When these are properly strung together,

they can influence an outcome.

Let’s break it down:

“pattern interrupt” -- a program to setup a mental pause; a break in thought

How to lose friends influence people

“which causes people to” -- an indirect suggestion to perform an action,

when linked to the suggestion named, “pattern interrupt”

“pause their current track of thought,”

the mental association made from “which causes people to” (also the ​italics

is used to mentally ​slow the reading speed and enhance the focus)

“stop what they’re doing --”​​ -- reinforces the suggestion to ​“pause their

current track of thought,”

from its association of “which causes people to”

(also in bold to create a stronger reinforcement to activate the suggestion

being given… Even the “--” is used to very subtly suggest a pause)

“​and pay attention​” -- again reinforces the previously linked suggestions,

but is also now a ​direct command​​ rather than a sequence of indirect

suggestions, ​which creates an opening for a direct command to be acted

upon​, due to the “habit” of already acting on the previous suggestions. Also

underlined to create a feeling of priority in the moment.

Just by the way the words are arranged, influences how you read and

interpret the statement, which creates a pattern interrupt.

If you’re reading this... now you’re paying attention.

And you’re either​

inspired and​ mind-blown…

ridiculous stupidity your eyeballs just witnessed.

If you’re skeptical about mind control and if it exists, then my claim to have

just controlled your mind by you reading a “magic” sentence in your head

has elicited controversy… which creates a certain kind of division.

A: Those who are inspired

B: Those who are skeptical

-- activates the pattern interrupt from

or snickering at the bullshit

How to lose friends influence people

Those who are skeptical will often have no problem with calling you out,

ridiculing you and poking fun, trying to make you feel inferior to them.

But those who are inspired will endear themselves to you, hang on your

every word, follow your suggestions and apparently buy your stuff, too.

If people are responding in favor or against you, they’re still responding.

The more skeptics you have speaking out against you, the more

they’re drawing attention to you.

And the more people who are inspired by you, the more you are labeled as

“a person to watch” so when they receive a message or read a post, they’re

more likely to respond in a positive manner.

It’s win/win either way.

The only thing you’ve got to lose is a few friends, subscribers, customers

and clients who don’t agree with your controversial points of view.

They aren’t “vibing” with your purest authentic self.

And you don’t need them, anyway.

Those who DO match with your perspectives, views and values will feel

twice as close​ to you as before, which establishes a bond of trust.

And when trust is established and increased on even one topic, viewpoint

or idea… interestingly enough that trust is evenly distributed to other areas,

including a buying relationship with inspired subscribers and followers.

This in effect, beats the pants off just signing up for an affiliate link and

blasting out a pre-written email to your subscribers, hoping for the best.

How to lose friends influence people

If my subscribers see that the email is coming from me, they open it.

They read it.

And they take action.

They know from my history of social media posting, that I often “push the

boundaries” and have no fear whatsoever of bringing up topics, news and

information that the vast majority of people find highly controversial.

I’m also fairly well-known to reply in whatever manner I am responded to.

If there’s a dismissive, angry douchebag who wants to troll my posts with

smart-ass remarks that display their shining ignorance, then I will construct

my response to mirror the tone of their reply, so they may see themselves.

I ​have

taken this a bit farther than originally intended, and it therefore

should be encouraged to maintain an heir of positive professionalism in

every statement you make, and every reply you write to someone either

publicly, or even in private. (some words can be haunting)

It’s easy for some people to get under your skin, before you’ve realized that

you unconsciously opened the door to allow them to affect your attitude.

My best advice here:

Don’t take yourself too seriously.

You aren’t getting out alive…

How to lose friends influence people

When you take yourself less seriously, open it.

you’ll take criticism less seriously.

This increases the quality of your

life​​, as your thoughts are no longer

wasted on unwanted garbage, and

become more centered around being

proactive, productive and inspired to

affect positive changes for yourself

and others. When you are criticised by

someone, you realize it is merely their

own reflection they are projecting,

through their perception filters created

from thoughts, memories, beliefs and


mental associations.

How to lose friends influence people

I’ve been making money online for over 16 years now, usually behind the

scenes ​working with big clients​ on multiple 7-figure product launches.

I don’t launch products myself often.

I’ve written books in B2B and self improvement, and mainly do high-level

strategy consulting for business and personal development clients.

I self-published my first book ​Uberman

still being ​sold by resellers​ for up to $435.24 per copy for the paperback.

My second book ​The Mind Hack Recipe

techniques and is currently being published by Morgan James Publishing.

Then I wrote a book called ​Super Affiliate Ninja Secrets

simple copy & paste step-by-step method (with screenshots) revealing my

own personal strategy for promoting affiliate offers and making money.

Here’s what a few of my clients say:

“Jason Mangrum is a marketing genius!”

-Dr. Joe Vitale, #1 Bestselling Author

“Among the top 3 copywriters on the net. Every ad, email or sales letter

he’s written for me has made me a fortune.” ​-Mike Filsaime (we did $1.5

million dollars in less than 7 days)

“Stunned with the results. We did over $1.6 million dollars in just a few

days.”​ -Jeremy Gislason, co-founder Marketing Main Event III

My one-time fee for 6 months of high level 1-on-1 consulting is $7,500 to

transform business ventures into six-figure income generation machines.

(email ​​ for booking & availability)

, which became a bestseller and is

is focused on mental development

which details a

How to lose friends influence people

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How to lose friends influence people

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