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Reading 0990-029 Book Report

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Reading 0990-029 Book Report. JINHEE LEE. * CONTENTS. * About Book * Introduce about author * The series of books * Setting * Main characters * Summary of plot * Main idea and supporting details * The symbolism of the book. Hunger games' author.

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* About Book

* Introduce about author

* The series of books

* Setting

* Main characters

* Summary of plot

* Main idea and supporting details

* The symbolism of the book

hunger games author
Hunger games' author

* Suzanne Collins-Aug 10 1962

* Occupation- television scriptwriter, novelist

* Author’s background-double major in Drama and Telecommunicationat Indiana University

* Inspirations of the book- her father is Air Force Officer and the Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.

* published- Scholastic Press, 2008

about the best selling trilogy
About the Best-Selling Trilogy
  • Genre- young adult science fiction
  • Fantasy life –North America’s arena
  • The Hunger Games trilogy is set in some indeterminate time in the future…
  • Panem is a shining Capitol ringed by thirteen districts…”
  • Capitol-dictator government
  • District 1-luxury items
  • District 2-stone quarries
  • District 3-technology
  • District 4-fishing
  • District 5-power, Foxface
  • District 6- transportation
  • District 7-lumber
  • District 8- textiles
  • District 9- grain
  • District 10-livestock
  • District 11-agriculture, orchards, Rue
  • District 12- coal mining, Katniss
  • District 13- nuclear weapon
main characters overview
Main characters overview

*Katniss– 16 years old, responsible for her family, normally quiet, believe in justice, calm, humanist, observant

*Peeta-16 years old, bakery’s son, very shy, confident, dependent, love Katniss

*Gale-katniss’s best friend , hunting partner, 18 years old,

responsible for his family

*Prim- katniss’s sister, 12 years old, sweet, delicate


the summary of plot
The summary of plot
  • Set in a future where the Capitol selects a boy and girl from the twelve districts to fight to the death on live television, Katniss Everdeen volunteers to take her younger sister's place for the latest match.
main idea and supporting details
Main idea and supporting details
  • Main idea- The author said the world has inconsistencies, but we should realize an ideal society. For example, the inconsistencies are hunger and bibful, winner and loser, justice and injustice, war and peace.
  • To survive, someone must kills someone else, but the game makers and the citizens enjoy it for entertainment.
  • The dictator government who has strong power controls twelve districts and personal minds.
  • The main character Katniss determines, “I will never marry, never risk bring a child in the world.”
  • Katniss values “ally” and humanism.
symbolism of the book
Symbolism of the book
  • The author emphasizes “ally” and hope through main character, Katniss’s the point of views.
difference between book and movie
Difference between book and movie
  • Katniss gets the mocking jay symbol.
  • When the Rue died, the district eleven’s reaction.
  • The movie omitted many parts of scenes.
  • First,movie.
  • Second, book .

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