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Book Report

Book Report

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Book Report

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  1. Book Report OfekYacove #4 18.11.10

  2. Simon and the spy Llustrator: Jon Beni Zack Roklo:Writer

  3. Is a grate day on the port. But one man are late to the sailing... I am so late to the sailing!!

  4. Simons is name…He are so late to the train and he harry up to the sailing. He are run fast and than he stuck with another man… Oh no! I am so sory!! It’s O.k What are they aren’t look out its…They are exchange the ticket to the sail…!

  5. Simon go to drink a coffee and in that’s time the man are looking for him and is the same man are he stack with him .But Simon didn’t see him.

  6. The train going fast , Simon fall on the man and say sorry and than the man are was so angry because this man…! I am sorry…hah again

  7. The train stop and Simon going to the sail for be in is vacation. In the port are was a policemen and Simon think : Maybe there spy?

  8. Simon sit and come a girl..They talk and they are be so sunk they are don’t see the man come to there with cart….Again.

  9. In the finally the girl see the man with the cart and they stand-up and miss the cart and the man fall up.

  10. Simon and the girl sit and eat. Simon take her lunch and a later out of the bag and take the lunch on the bench and the man is take the later and Simon don’t see him….

  11. The wind is strong. And the later fly in the air. The girl ask Simon what is the later and he say “that my ticket”. The man are run too and he want the ticket… OhI need my ticket..

  12. Is a dog!?From where he come??Simon and the man stop. And than they go on to catch the dog and the later and Simon and the man are run after him…

  13. The dog think is a game. He like simon and the girl but not the man…Simon understand it’s, not her later but the man say:”Is my later”.

  14. The dog so much not like the man so he rip the coat of him. And what they find? He a spy! It’s a costume! Simon call to the police. The policemen say tank you and walk away…With the man.