now that you ve said i do n.
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Now That You’ve Said “I Do!” PowerPoint Presentation
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Now That You’ve Said “I Do!”

Now That You’ve Said “I Do!”

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Now That You’ve Said “I Do!”

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  1. Now That You’ve Said “I Do!” South Sound Church of Christ Marriage Workshop?

  2. What Is Marriage? • Uniqueness and Acceptance in Marriage • Expectations in Marriage • Fulfilling Intimacy Needs in Marriage • Roles Responsibilities and Decision Making • Communication in Marriage • Dealing with Conflict in Marriage • Sex in Marriage Future Sessions

  3. Review Homework Last Week

  4. Matthew 7:24-27 talks about building your house on a firm foundation. List what you believe are ten firm foundations you will or have used, to make your marriage relationship unmovable. (Discuss) • List the reasons why you married your spouse. Then list the reasons why you think your spouse married you. (Share the results on a date.) • Think of 3 of the most important verses of scripture that you would like to base your marriage relationship on. (Discuss) Homework Last Week

  5. Uniqueness & Acceptance in Marriage

  6. Uniqueness & Acceptance Your Partner is not you. He or she is “other,” created in God’s image, not yours. He or she has a right to be other, To be treated and respected as other.

  7. Before you married you may have had a preconceived fantasy of your ideal mate or the perfect marriage. After a while you began to realize that your fantasy and the person that you have married are not quite the same. At that point you may have embarked on a reform program. You misconstrued the words… “and the two shall become one” to mean that your mate should become like you and your fantasy. Uniqueness & Acceptance

  8. Becoming one does not mean that you will have the same: • Likes • Preferences • Interests • Hobbies • Ideas • Or even reactions and feelings Uniqueness/Acceptance

  9. Scriptures to Consider

  10. Ephesians 4:2 Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

  11. Romans 15:7 Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.

  12. Uniqueness • What are the unique qualities that attract you to your spouse?

  13. Every person who marries has characteristics similar to the one he or she marries. But there are also many differences. Many problems we face in marriage may occur because of the lack of tolerance for one another’s differences of attitude or opinions. Problems occur many times because we do not allow the other person to be different from us. Acceptance

  14. What would your marriage be like if your spouse were just like you? • In What way can or does the presence of Christ in your life help you adjust to differences in your marriage? For Discussion

  15. Similarities Differences How can our differences or similarities compliment or help your marriage? Effect How are my spouse and I different? How are my spouse and I similar? Homework