creating life on mars l.
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Creating Life On Mars

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Creating Life On Mars - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creating Life On Mars. By: Emmanuel Blount. Hypothesis . My hypothesis for this project is to find out is it possible to create life on mars by using plants. Information We Know.

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Creating Life On Mars

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creating life on mars

Creating Life On Mars

By: Emmanuel Blount

  • My hypothesis for this project is to find out is it possible to create life on mars by using plants.
information we know
Information We Know
  • As we may know that Earth is the only planet know to man to have life and create it. As years go by scientist wonder if there was ever life on Mars. With years of studying and photographing we have came to the conclusion that there might have been life on mars. We as know that there have not been signs of it. Scientist are kind of sure there once was.
  • Instead of searching for life lets create it, build it and sustain it. Like Earth, Mars has similar seasons but are twice as long than Earth due to its longer year. With this giving plants an advantage to grow faster and longer than plants on Earth.
what will we use
What will we use?
  • Greenhouses.
  • Just like on Earth plants tend to grow better( to my knowledge) in them than outside of them. Why? Well as we know plants create photosynthesis. A process which plants undergo to create oxygen.
will they survive
Will they survive?

With Mars having a thin atmosphere, severe cold weather, drought, low air pressure 100 degree temp. and different soil the chances of its survival are slim. But researchers have found that a microbe called Pyrococcus furiosus may help it withstand the conditions.

green house
Green House
  • Greenhouse effect
With the effects from the greenhouses, carbon dioxide released from the plants can actually help restore the atmosphere in Mars and enhance the atmosphere pressure for the planet.
terraformed mars
Terraformed Mars
  • Some groups have speculated that Mars might one day be transformed so as to allow a wide variety of living things, including humans, to survive unaided on Mars' surface
Terraforming Mars would entail two major interlaced changes: building up the atmosphere and keeping it warm.
student info
Student Info