when i am silent by john c varner n.
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“When I Am Silent” by John C. Varner PowerPoint Presentation
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“When I Am Silent” by John C. Varner

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“When I Am Silent” by John C. Varner - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“When I Am Silent” by John C. Varner. Jeremy Zeegers 3/4 /2012. “ When I Am Silent ”. Composer: John C. Varner Written in 1994 No Larger work Inspired by girl in Concentration camp Drama. John C. Varner. Born : April 23 rd 1921 Died : June 21 st 2009

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“When I Am Silent”

  • Composer: John C. Varner
  • Written in 1994
  • No Larger work
  • Inspired by girl in Concentration camp
  • Drama
john c varner
John C. Varner
  • Born : April 23rd 1921
  • Died : June 21st 2009
  • Grew up in West Virginia, joined U.S. Army Corp after high school
  • Known best for When I Am Silent
  • Wrote Drama songs
  • Composed in the style of Drama
when i am silent
When I am silent
  • Inspired by picture of girl who died in a Concentration Camp in Poland
  • It relates to the song because she is a silent person and misses a lot that has come.
  • She wasn’t able to survive and see what happened in the end

“Who will sing my song when I am silent?”

“Who will count the colors of the dawn?”

“Who will follow the Larks flight?

“Who will hear its song?”

“When I am silent”

Varner is asking, who will take this girls spot in life? She has passed, who will fill her place? No person can ever fill a person who has died, he is asking who will do what she once did, but cannot now. Who will make the world a better place?

musical elements
Musical Elements
  • Tonal, E Major
  • After 4-measure intro, opening word “O” is sustained for 2 measures, soft and unaccompanied, portraying Semele’s initial shock at waking up and desire for her dream to return
  • Text painting on “wand’ring” - melismas
  • “O sleep, again deceive me” - accidentals and mini key change representing deception
i like this piece because of
I like this piece because of…
  • Great keyboard playing
  • Not too fast or slow
  • Dynamics
  • Great lyrics to go with the meaning of the song