Praying for the World in 2011
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Praying for the World in 2011. Ask of Me, and I will give You The nations for Your inheritance, And the ends of the earth for Your possession. Psalm 2:8. Praying for the World in 2011. Week13. You Are Here. Costa Rica. Cook Islands. Congo.

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Praying for the World in 2011

Ask of Me, and I will give You The nations for Your inheritance, And the ends of the earth for Your possession. Psalm 2:8

Praying for the World in 2011


You Are Here

Costa Rica

Cook Islands


Comoros Islands


Democratic Republic of Congo

Ask of Me, and I will give You The nations for Your inheritance, And the ends of the earth for Your possession. Psalm 2:8


Rich in Resources, Including Cocaine

Pray for…

  • 1991 brought greater freedom of religion when Catholic church’s position of favor ended in the constitution.

  • Continuing stability between drug cartels, Marxist groups and paramilitary groups.

  • Continuing growth in the Evangelical church – 1960 - 0.6% now – 7.5%

  • Bellavista prison example by turning hardened criminals to Christ.

    • Formed radio station and bible institute to train inmates.

  • Cocaine production to diminish. Farmers to replace crop.

  • Recovery of society from decades of violence.

    • 2nd highest number of internally displaced people. (disarmed guerillas, farmers flocking to cities, immigrant leaving the country) That they might find hope in Christ and His eternal city wherein dwells righteousness.


Rich in Resources, Including Cocaine

Pray for…

  • Satan’s grasp on Columbia would suffer the same fate at Bellavista Prison. That evil and corruption would be overcome by the gospel.

  • Large Catholic population is strongly traditional, but nominal (25% actually practice). Pray for awakening.

  • The church to be bold in resisting evil – pastors assassinated or flee the country. Train up leaders to replace them and minister to the growing church.

  • The church to minister to the suffering.

  • Unity - CEDECOL is an interfaith group which links churches for action on common goals.

  • Missionaries are targets for violence.


Rich in Resources, Including Cocaine

Pray for…

  • Natives and missionaries reaching out to unreached groups:

    • Street children - Bogata has highest number in Latin America.

    • Wealthy – object of resentment, little concern for poor. Do not use their influence for the greater good.

    • Muslims

    • Student/youth – Marxist ideology is predominant on campus as well as post-modernism.

    • AmerIndians – 1991 constitution granted them autonomy, but they still lack education, resources, protection.

      • Pressure for Christians to return to indigenous religion

      • Bible translation for 35 languages without NT, 25 no bible at all. Because of dangers, translators cannot live with the people they serve.

      • Some groups are closed or inaccessible – pray for special calling, equipping and direction for those who might reach these people.

      • The deaf are the largest unreached group – materials in CSL needed. Jesus Film available.


Rich in Resources, Including Cocaine

Pray for…

  • More literature to be available in more languages from Columbia Bible Society, including “The Book of Hope”

  • Evangelicals to have more access to National Radio, but local stations broadcast 667 hours per week in Spanish.

  • Audio/Video resources for those who cannot read. Global Recordings Network has material in 62 languages.

Comoros islands
Comoros Islands

Pray for…

  • Dependent on food aid. One of Africa’s poorest nations.

  • Majority Muslim – fundamentalism on the rise. Occult also prevalent.

  • Increased freedom and boldness for Christians who are forbidden to evangelize. Conversion brings swift reprisal.

  • Slow growth in the church despite obstacles. Anjouan more open that other islands.

  • Jesus Film and NT available in one or more of the native languages. Radio has been fruitful in reaching and discipling.

Republic of congo
Republic of Congo

Pray for…

  • Marxist period from 1968 – 1991 indoctrinated youth against religion. Freedom of religion declared with new constitution, but religious meetings still forbidden on campus.

  • Pray for children (41% of population) to hear the gospel denied to the previous generation.

  • Exiting church needs revival and restoration. Most claim Christianity (nominal), but 50% also claim animist.

  • Communism, civil war and corrupt government have scarred Congo. Rich in natural resources, but lack ability to utilize them due to lack of infrastructure.

  • Leadership to bring unity and stability to the Body of Christ will require training. Pray for those institutions which are currently in place and provision for those that are needed.

Republic of congo1
Republic of Congo

Pray for…

  • Mission work thrived prior to independence in 1968 when expats were expelled. Some returned in 1991, but civil war complicated work. Pray for renewed vision for missions to Congo.

  • Under-reached:

    • Teke people are being ministered to by CMA.

    • Pygmy tribes are difficult to reach as nomadic people in remote jungle areas. Bayaka largest tribe. Bayaka work must be adapted to other dialects to work in Congo.

    • Muslim traders living in urban centers.

  • Bible translation – 9 lang. have bibles – 6 have NT – 10 have other portions. Pray for distribution of scriptures and use of native translations in churches.

  • Jesus film in 12 languages.

  • Christian radio only in Brazzaville until recently launched in Pointe-Noire.

Praying for the World in 2011

Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic republic of congo drc
Democratic Republic of Congo -DRC

250 ethno-linguistic groups 214 languages (80% Bantu). Immense Economic potential, but corruption, lack of infrastructure and consequences of war make this one of the world’s poorest.

  • 20th Century conversion to Christ was overwhelming.

    • 1900 -1.4% 2010 – over 90% Pray for revival where nominal and syncretistic belief is predominant.

    • Church seen as only enduring structure with social, economic and political upheaval of the country. Church is leading the way post-war in ministering to needs, peacemaking, and bringing reconciliation. Martyrs have inspired others with strength and faith.

    • Pygmy’s are turning to Christ – pray for strong discipleship.

Pray for…

Democratic republic of congo drc1
Democratic Republic of Congo -DRC

Pray for…

  • Congo to overcome its tragic history through forgiveness and reconciliation:

    • Arab traders captured people and took into slave trade

    • Belgian King Leopold caused death of 10 million people before the Belgian government took over in 1908.

    • Belgian companies exploited resources but neglected people. Most improvements came through Catholic and Protestant efforts.

    • The West’s propping of Mobutu is responsible for current chaos.

    • Interethnic hostility lead to killings in the 1990’s. Hutu and Tutsi militias still roam the Great Lakes region causing terror and violence.

Democratic republic of congo drc2
Democratic Republic of Congo -DRC

Pray for…

  • Wars of the 1990’s have ravaged the nation. Pray for:

    • End to hostilities, Illegal forces disbanded and disarmed (LRA, et al.)

    • Return of 1.7 million displaced people (vulnerable to militias, sexual attack and disease)

    • Cessation of war crimes and exploitation (Rape, mutilation and torture as tools of fear. Cattle stealing and illicit diamond mining sold to buy arms.

    • DRC is a failed state – Reestablish a unified state with Congo, tainted elections. Lacks economic leadership required to rebuild and steward resources for the national good. Must rebuild infrastructure devastated by war. Improved Healthcare and education will improve the quality of lives in DRC.

  • Unspeakable spirit of evil resides here!

    • Brutal war crimes listed above and cannibalism, witchcraft, occult all practiced against children. (In a nation professing 90% Christian)

  • Democratic republic of congo drc3
    Democratic Republic of Congo -DRC

    Pray for…

    • Church runs hospitals, clinics and schools. Catholics are fully invested in these institutions. Seen as only hope for rebuilding nation.

    • Renewal essential:

      • nominalism to true biblical faith

      • Charlatan pastors of “revival” churches promote prosperity doctrine

      • Syncretism and witchcraft purged from the church

      • Protection from cults (JW especially)

      • Biblical leadership model (not self promoting, power seeking)

      • Church needs a re-evangelization from the inside

      • Former government structures limited cross regional and cultural ministry. New church ministry models are holistic (addressing the whole not just parts), community based, discipleship focused and sustainable.

    Democratic republic of congo drc4
    Democratic Republic of Congo -DRC

    Pray for…

    • Lay leadership training is essential because of the size of the work.

    • Reopening, staffing and resourcing of Bible Schools.

    • Particular Areas of Need:

    • Church planting in rural villages destroyed by war

    • Portable Bible School movement training lay leaders

    • Children under 16 are 50% of population: AIDS, conscription into militias, sexual promiscuity, major problems.

    • University students exploited in corrupt institutions - forced into bribery and sexual favors. (Campus Crusade for Christ have over 700 staff and volunteers ministering)

    • Kimbanguist Church (indigenous, 8 mill members)

      • Moving toward biblical faith, still doctrinal problems (leader seen as Holy Spirit or visible image of God.

    Democratic republic of congo drc5
    Democratic Republic of Congo -DRC

    Pray for…

    • Disease : Malaria (200 children per day die) HIV pos. (1.4 million)

      • 1 million children have lost one or both parents to HIV

      • Tuberculosis on the rise

  • Rape Victims (Millions! high HIV rate, ostracized, traumatized)

  • Swamplands inaccessible. Unreached.

  • Swahili-speaking Muslims (little effort to reach them, but they are very evangelistic for Islam. Pray for training to do this work in the local church)

  • Pygmy peoples – long despised and exploited by Bantu. Killed and eaten by militias for magical powers in their flesh? Becoming very responsive to the gospel.

  • Foreign missionaries need after reduction due to war. Pray for:

    • New workers Use of diversity of gifts and skills

    • Unified partnering with expat and native Safety! Some regions still unstable

    • Appropriate strategies for this post war work of God

  • Democratic republic of congo drc6
    Democratic Republic of Congo -DRC

    Pray for…

    • Resuming media efforts…

    • Bible translation - Trade languages emphasized (because of 215 languages present), but limited penetration of gospel and developing Christian life and worship – think limiting the Catholic mass to Latin only. Teaching not assimilated into daily life.

      • 94 Languages in need of translation 29 under way

  • Literature -

    • EHC - 6 mill. Pieces of literature distributed resulting in 1850 fellowships forming.

    • Bible Society distributes over 100,000 bibles/NT per year

  • Audio /Visual-

    • Due to low literacy, audio resources key. GRN has available in 274 dialects.

    • Jesus Film in 47 languages

    • Radio available all over the country on small scale transmitters

      • (Just like Hope-FM). Locally run and flavoured.

  • Cook islands nuie pitcairn islands tokelau related to new zealand officially and unofficially
    Cook Islands, Nuie, Pitcairn Islands, Tokelau Related to New Zealand officially and unofficially.

    Pray for…

    • Cook Islands are largely tourism economy as well as off-shore banking. 96% Christian. Pray for unity and global testimony of believers.

    • Niue – Largest coral island. 94% Christian

    • Pitcairn – pop. 50 human habitation underwritten by UK. All SDA. Scandal rocked the island in 2004.

    • Tokelau – shut down off-shore banking that had become money laundering haven. Gospels translated into Tokelau in 2005. Strong Christian heritage fading fast. Nominalism and cults taking over. Pray for revival for this island.

    • Smaller islands have no Christian witness.

    • Many islanders move to New Zealand. Pray that they may find a vibrant walk with Christ in their new communities and an impact on their homeland.

    Costa rica
    Costa Rica

    Center for Eco-Tourism

    Pray for…

    • Officially Catholic state with freedom of religion.

    • Growth of evangelicals – 2.5% in 1970 to 15%+ in 2010

    • Many evangelicals return to Catholicism, to the cults or reject religion altogether. Issues for prayer:

      • Failure to properly disciple converts

      • Pastors lack resources to provide pastoral care to growing congregations and so people drift.

      • Rivalry and division are disillusioning – Pray for unity and revival.

      • Legalism is prevalent. Pray for Spirit-filled, culturally appropriate ministry to take root in the churches of CR.

      • Increased effort for outreach are Cost Rica Century XXI – a program to revitalize churches on every level.

      • 26 Bible schools and seminaries. Pray that the church would fully utilize these biblical resources to effectively minister.

    Costa rica1
    Costa Rica

    Center for Eco-Tourism

    Pray for…

    • Ethnic minorities –

      • Amerindian tribes ( most nominally Catholic or animist).

      • Chinese – immigrating from Taiwan and mainland. Some becoming Catholic, some evangelical. Chinese Christian Mission works with them.

      • Mekitelyu African Caribbean (nominally protestant) Pray for revival.

      • English speakers – usually affluent, but unconnected with church.

    • 2/3 of CR is under 30. Plagued by immorality (drugs, sex, violence, alcohol).

      • Pray for campus outreaches at 17 Universities

      • “The Street of Bitterness” near the national university there are many of these social problems, but also outreach and ministry to address them.

    • Stability of the nation makes it an ideal base for regional and global ministries.

    • Bible distribution for students and Nicaraguan immigrants.

    • Spanish Language Institute where missionaries can learn the language.