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Emergency Capacity Building Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Emergency Capacity Building Project

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Emergency Capacity Building Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Emergency Capacity Building Project. Emergencies and the Humanitarian System. Acceptable - Unacceptable. Values vs. Law?. 1. Shooting enemy soldiers during a conflict.

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Emergency Capacity Building Project

Emergencies and the Humanitarian System

1. Shooting enemy soldiers during a conflict.

2. Shooting wounded enemy soldiers who have surrendered, because you cannot transport them, and releasing them would give away your position.

3. Shooting civilians fleeing the country.

4. Shelling a hospital full of patients.

5. Shelling a hospital full of patients from which snipers kill your men.

6. Forcing civilian patients out of a hospital so that your injured men can be treated.

7. Taking food and other goods from civilians in an occupied city.

8. Bombing military targets within a town or city.

9. Destroying food or medical supplies intended for enemy forces.

10. Destroying the water supply to an enemy city.

11. Torturing a prisoner of war to obtain military information which will save many of your men's lives.

12. Making prisoners of war clear the minefields they laid.

13. Destroying a village where rebel troops may be hiding.

14. Taking civilian hostages in an occupied area to prevent attacks on your soldiers.

15. Deporting civilians suspected of involvement in armed attacks on your men in an occupied area.

16. Recruiting enemy soldiers who are clearly only about 12 years old.