the spread of hellenistic culture n.
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The Spread of Hellenistic Culture

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The Spread of Hellenistic Culture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Spread of Hellenistic Culture. Chapter 5 section 5. Key Terms. Hellenistic Alexandria Euclid Archimedes Colossus of Rhodes. Hellenistic Culture in Alexandria. Hellenistic- blending of cultures from Greece, Egyptian, Persian and Indian Influences

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The Spread of Hellenistic Culture

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key terms
Key Terms
  • Hellenistic
  • Alexandria
  • Euclid
  • Archimedes
  • Colossus of Rhodes
hellenistic culture in alexandria
Hellenistic Culture in Alexandria
  • Hellenistic- blending of cultures from Greece, Egyptian, Persian and Indian Influences
  • Koine- means common was a dialect of Greek
  • Used to communicate in cities throughout the Hellenistic world
trade and cultural diversity
Trade and Cultural Diversity
  • Alexandria (Egypt) center of commerce
  • Strategic edge of Nile Delta
  • Trade ships from all over the Mediterranean docked there
  • Third century B.C became an international community and a population of one million
alexandria s attractions
Alexandria’s Attractions
  • Broad avenues with statues of Greek gods
  • Royal palaces
  • Alexander’s glass coffin
  • 350 feet above then harbor was a lighthouse
  • Famous museum and library
    • First true research library
  • Small observatory
  • Aristarchus
    • Estimated sun 300 times larger than earth
    • Disproved that the sun was smaller than Greece
  • Ptolemy placed earth in the center of the solar system
    • This view accepted for the next 14 centuries
  • Eratosthenes
    • Correctly computer earth’s circumference
    • 28,000-29,000 mile
    • Actual today 24,860
  • Also a poet and historian
mathematics and physics
Mathematics and Physics
  • Euclid-compile a geometry text
  • Book Elements contained 465 geometry propositions and proofs
  • Still the basis for geometry
mathematics and physics1
Mathematics and Physics
  • Archimedes
    • Estimated the value of pi
    • Explained the law of the lever
    • Archimedes screw- raised water from the ground
    • Compound pulley to lift heavy objects
stoicism and epicureanism
Stoicism and Epicureanism
  • Zeno founded Stoicism
    • People should lead virtuous lives
      • in harmony with natural laws
      • and the will of the gods
    • Desire for wealth and power were dangerous
    • Social unity
    • Focus on what they can control
stoicism and epicureanism1
Stoicism and Epicureanism
  • Epicurus- founded Epicureanism
  • Gods ruled the universe
  • Only real objects were those the five senses perceived
  • Greatest good and pleasure came from virtuous conduct and absence of pain
  • Moderation in all things
realism in sculpture
Realism in Sculpture
  • Rulers , wealthy merchants and cities purchased sculptures
  • Portray people in everyday situations
  • Colossus of Rhodes-bronze statue 100 feet high
  • Nike (winged warrior) 203 BC made for naval victory
realism in sculpture1
Realism in Sculpture
  • Hellenistic moved to more natural works
  • Carved ordinary people like a wrinkly old peasant woman
  • 150 BC Hellenistic world in decline