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Light Green-1922 Dark Green-1924 Pink-1929 Blue-1936 Orange-1940. Soviet Times. Soviet Beginnings. Began with two revolutions: February and October Revolutions. Result was the overthrow of the monarchy. October Revolution. Relatively bloodless revolution.

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Soviet beginnings
Soviet Beginnings Orange-1940

  • Began with two revolutions: February and October Revolutions

  • Result was the overthrow of the monarchy

October revolution
October Revolution Orange-1940

  • Relatively bloodless revolution

  • Revolution of armed workers, solders, and sailors

  • Established the Soviet Union with the uniting of the Russian Empire’s territories

Soviet government
Soviet Government Orange-1940

  • Governed by select group of ministers

  • Very few checks and balances in the Soviet Government

  • Government had allot of power

Soviet union after wwii
Soviet Union after WWII Orange-1940

  • Not very open to outsiders

  • Controlled many eastern European nations and East Germany

  • Established Warsaw Pact and isolated itself from the West

  • Winston Churchill referred to this as the Iron Curtain

  • Iron Curtain(1939-1945) was a time of censorship and restrictions on travel

  • Not only a political isolation but also isolation from Western ideas

Soviet times
KGB Orange-1940

  • Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti (State Security Committee)

  • 1954 – 1991

  • Domestic function: monitoring soviet citizens an suppressing political discontent

  • Also responsible for guarding Soviet borders, protecting party and government leaders, and enforcing security in the Soviet armed forces

  • The largest and most active foreign intelligence apparatus in the world. Estimated at 400,000 to 700,000 full-time employees

Soviet citizen liberties
Soviet Citizen Liberties Orange-1940

  • Citizens had very few liberties

  • Initially there were restrictions on speech and religion

  • Eventually religion was banned

Soviet advancements
Soviet Advancements Orange-1940

  • First to put a satellite (sputnik) into orbit

  • First to put a man into orbit

  • Instrumental in developing the small pox vaccine

Soviet union dissolution
Soviet Union Dissolution Orange-1940

  • Soviet Union collapsed at the end of 1991

  • Arms race with the United States had drained the Soviet economy