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Fred’s Uptown. “ If You Like Downtown Athens…You’ll Love Fred’s Uptown ” Athens, GA . Fred’s Uptown is brought to you by the same developers of Fred’s Historic Properties. Fred’s Historic Properties is the single largest owner and restorer of downtown Athens lofts. .

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fred s uptown

Fred’s Uptown

“If You Like Downtown Athens…You’ll Love Fred’s Uptown”

Athens, GA

Fred’s Uptown is brought to you by the same developers of Fred’s Historic Properties. Fred’s Historic Properties is the single largest owner and restorer of downtown Athens lofts.

fred s uptown if you like downtown athens you ll love fred s uptown
Fred’s Uptown“If you like Downtown Athens… You’ll love Fred’s Uptown”

Mission Statement-

Fred’s Uptown’s vision is to create a self contained community in Athens, Georgia that is LEED certified*, environmentally friendly and allows an individual or family to live, work, learn and play in the same area. This community would still compliment and interact with existing residential and commercial segments of Athens.

Vision: To create a mixed use sustainable community that is environmentally friendly and dedicated to reducing urban sprawl.

Fred’s Uptown will not become obsolete in twenty to forty years. This development will be a lasting gift to the community with sound design and structures.

* Defined on page 10

**US Green Building Council LEED Resources

Available :


fred s uptown concepts
Fred’s Uptown Concepts
  • Live, Work, Learn and Play primarily on site
  • New Urbanism
  • Economic Revitalization
  • On Site / Underground Parking
  • Convenient Transportation
  • Anti-Sprawl
  • Multi- Story Buildings
  • Traditional Neighborhood Design
  • Fred’s Uptown’s first floor will include commercial and retail space for businesses.


going green
Going Green
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-(LEED Certified) LEED certification is an environmental rating system that is voluntary, consensus based, market driven, and uses “accepted energy and environmental principles” (
  • GreenDesign - protects the environment for future generations. According to the US Green Building Council, using green building concepts saves 30 percent of energy usage, 35 percent of carbon use, and 30-50 percent of waste cost and water usage.
  • Intensive Recycling Program - Fred’s Uptown’s recycling program will significantly reduce waste due to the use of Green Technology including water conservation, solar energy and the use of porous surfaces.
  • New Urbanism-Development principle that includes community design concepts that are pedestrian friendly, are a mixed development of commercial and residential, reduce sprawl, increase quality of life and protect the environment.


mixed use development
Mixed-Use Development
  • Pedestrian Friendly Streets
  • Walkability
  • Live, Work and Play Community

-Imagine stepping from your front door to clothing stores, street vendors, an ice cream shop, a grocery store, and many more convenient businesses that are within a short walking distance.

Downtown Athens, GA

Popular Glenwood Park was in part inspired by downtown Athens, Georgia.



fred s uptown location in athens clarke county
Fred’s Uptown Location in Athens Clarke County

Image available from:


location location location
Location, Location, Location

The Navy School Closes March 2011

and is slated to become a Health Sciences Center.

The University of Georgia is accepting medical students in 2009. Because of this campus, there will be a demand for housing, transportation and retail establishments.

  • On July 17th, 2007 The Athens-Clarke County Navy Supply Corps School Local Redevelopment Authority (LRA) presented a proposed reuse draft to the public. This draft approved University of Georgia’s (UGA) proposal to establish a Health Sciences Center on the property.
  • Governor Sonny Perdue backs a medical campus in Athens, GA. In the Athens Banner-Herald, Governor Perdue stated, “ I intend to pursue vigorously a satellite campus in Athens, hopefully at the Navy School” (Athens-Banner Herald, 2007)


the navy school reuse plan
The Navy School Reuse Plan

Image from: Navy Supply Corps School (NSCS) (2007) Draft Reuse Plan for the Navy Supply Corps School. Athens-Clarke County, Georgia


fred s uptown site
Fred’s Uptown Site

Proposed Development


H- Landmark Hospital*

Site A- 6 acre proposed site to be developed in phases

Site B- Currently owned by Fred’s Uptown; available for future development






athens clarke county population growth
Athens-Clarke County Population Growth

Fred’s Uptown planned development can accommodate the projected employment and residential demands based on the projected population growth of Athens – Clarke County in the coming years.


US Census Bureau, 1960-2000 population.

MACORTS 2030 Long Range Transportation Plan, 2010-2030 population


more jobs means more people
More Jobs Means More People

Employment projections for Health Sciences Center*

  • Considering a proposed build out time of ten years:
  • Direct short term construction related employment estimates 600-740 full time jobs annually (NSCS, 10).
  • Indirect employment related to construction spending estimates 810-980 jobs throughout the build out period (NSCS, 10).
  • Direct long term employment estimates 1,100-1,350 new jobs for faculty and non faculty positions for the Health Sciences Center (NSCS,10).
  • Fred’s Uptown is currently developing data to reflect the economic impact of the development for the community.

*Navy Supply Corps School (NSCS) (2007) Draft Reuse Plan for the Navy Supply Corps School. Athens-Clarke County, Georgia


types of proposed businesses
Types of Proposed Businesses
  • Police substation
  • Art District
  • Music Venue
  • Office Supply Store
  • Welcome Center
  • Medical/Science museum
  • Bakery

- Big City Bread

-Panera Bread

-Daily Co-op

  • Hair Salon

-Great Clips

-Bob Salon

-Rocket Salon

  • Copy Shop

-Athens Blueprint

-Fedex Kinkos

  • Clothes shops



  • Nail Salon
  • Bike Shop
  • Bank


-Georgia Bank and Trust

  • Lawyer
  • Dentist
  • Bookstore
  • Coffee shop
  • Jewelry Store
  • Art Shop
  • Steak House
  • Pizza Shop
  • Mail Box/ Post Office
  • Drug Store



  • Grocery Store


-Phoenix Health Foods

-Whole Foods

  • Sandwich Shop


-Jason’s Deli

  • Seafood Restaurant
  • Noodle House
  • Antique Mall
  • Tattoo Shop

-Pain and Wonder

  • Bus Station
  • Dog Park
  • Pet Motel
  • Child Care Facility
  • News Stand
  • Rideshare
  • Florist
  • Hotel
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Hostel
  • Restaurants

-Wilson’s Soul Food


  • Cell phone store
  • Pay utility bills
  • Rental Office
  • Taxi Stand
  • Share- a – Ride
  • Fish Market

-Athens Seafood

  • Flex or Rental Car

-Hertz Rental Car


  • Pool Hall
  • Weight Room/Fitness Center
  • Music Shop
  • Dry Cleaner
  • Elderly Care center
  • Day Spa
  • Veterinarian
  • Apartments

-Studio/1 BR

-2 BR

-3 BR

-4 BR

  • Also privately or community owned businesses


demand for future housing
Demand for Future Housing
  • Housing for students and educators associated with the UGA Allied Health Science Center
  • Essential development for the adjacent medical campus.

- The Landmark hospital is being built across the street from the site.

-Athens Regional Medical Center (ARMC) is nearby. ARMC and UGA are the top employers in Athens Clarke County. Piedmont College is located 1.5 miles from Fred’s Uptown site.

  • Professionals, families and individuals living in workforce housing can work and live on site, thus reducing monthly expenses.

Glenwood Park, Atlanta


fred s uptown if you like downtown athens you ll love fred s uptown athens ga
Fred’s Uptown“If you like Downtown Athens… You’ll love Fred’s Uptown.”Athens, GA


To create a mixed use sustainable community that it environmentally friendly and dedicated to reducing urban sprawl.

Mission Statement:

Fred’s Uptown’s vision is to create a multi acre mixed use development community in Athens Georgia, that is LEED certified, environmentally friendly and allows an individual or family to live, work, learn and play in the same area. This community would still compliment and interact with existing residential and commercial segments of Athens.

Phase one :

Fred’s Uptown is currently in the development and planning phase. The site of Fred’s Uptown will be located near the Navy School. Fred’s Uptownplans to provide several acres of underground parking that will have 750 to 1,200 parking spaces. The first phase will have approximately 167,000 square feet of total development space. Childcare is an important aspect of this project.

Childcare at University of Georgia – Fred’s Uptown plans to offer a childcare facility. University of Georgia has developed a Campus Coalition for expanding Child care. Please visit their website:

  • Fred’s Uptown promotes the concepts of community and is committed to providing childcare in the development of Fred’s Uptown.
  • Fred’s Uptown can solve this community identified lack of quality childcare by providing space for on site childcare.
  • Want to learn more about plans for this New Urbanism Development?
  • Meetings are currently held at 8:30am on Monday mornings at 950 Prince Avenue, Athens, Georgia 30606.
  • If you need directions or more information, please email, or call 706.248.0842


on site child care
On Site Child Care
  • On Site Child Care-

Childcare for employees of schools, businesses and hospitals in the area. Retired residents can be employed as caregivers for children and as part of the mentoring program.

  • Parents can drop their children off before school and work to give them more quality time with their children. Parents and caregivers can conveniently have breakfast with their children on-site and have after school snacks or dinner together.
  • Parents will be able to be more productive at work knowing their children are in a safe environment that they may be able to access during breaks from work.


transportation and parking
Transportation and Parking
  • Residents can live without a car if they chose.
  • Onsite Underground Parking saves time and money and is not unsightly
  • Bus service available to Athens Clarke-County with dedicated shuttles to downtown Athens, GA
  • Walkability and Biking Paths
  • Pedestrian Friendly Streets
  • “Most Americans spend about as much on their transportation as their housing” (Wikipedia, 2007).
  • One Athens Public Transportation Implementation team found that a family of four living at the poverty rate can spend as much as 40% of gross income on automobile ownership (12/12/2006).

Toronto Transportation Buses and Trolleys*

*Photos available from:


fred s uptown is original unique and necessary in athens ga because
Fred’s Uptown is Original, Unique and Necessary in Athens, GA Because…
  • Proximity to UGA and Downtown
  • Fred’s Uptown’s physical relation to the Health Sciences Center, Landmark Hospital, ARMC, Bishop Park and YMCA.
  • Areas that are dedicated to pedestrians and safety
  • Accessibility to major highways and Prince Avenue
  • A true Live, Work, Learn and Play community
  • Attractive to diverse populations including: professional students, on site business owners and workers, members of the arts community, teachers, professionals and school support personnel


newspaper articles in support of health sciences center
Newspaper Articles in Support of Health Sciences Center

Perdue backs Athens med campus

By Walter C. Jones   |   Morris News Service   |   Story updated at 11:34 PM on Thursday, March 22, 2007

ATLANTA - Gov. Sonny Perdue threw his full support Thursday behind plans to expand the Medical College of Georgia into Athens.

In an interview with Morris News Service, Perdue said the federal government's decision to close the Navy Supply Corps School provided vacant land that sped up planning to deal with an expected doctor shortage.

"I intend to pursue vigorously a satellite campus in Athens, hopefully at the Navy school," he said.

Perdue's comments came in recognition that civic and political leaders in Augusta have lobbied against the Athens expansion, arguing it would divide the strength and prestige of MCG. He said he didn't mean his decision as a slight toward Augusta or an indication that MCG's future there was diminished.

Perdue took the occasion to announce he is proposing $5 million be spent planning to expand MCG's dentistry school in Augusta.

Perdue already requested $3.8 million in next year's budget to plan the Athens med school campus, but Thursday's comments were his most definitive to date.

The governor's public stance in the face of opposition is significant, said University of Georgia political science professor Charles Bullock.

"Our governors have generally gotten everything they want," Bullock said.

The House Appropriations Committee hasn't completed its consideration of next year's budget, so committee members could balk at the Athens med school. Monday, a key member of that committee, state Rep. Bill Hembree, R-Douglasville, told MCG and UGA officials he thinks officials should try harder to keep MCG graduates in Georgia to practice medicine.

Perdue said he favors using targeted admissions and strategies like forgivable student loans to entice more Georgia-educated doctors to remain here.

The state will need more facilities to educate additional doctors.

And, he argued, that the time to act is now.

While the Navy base won't become vacant until 2011, planners will decide long before that what will happen with the land.

Scientific research at UGA, coupled with the potential of having a medical facility in the same town, enticed him, Perdue said.

"It's irrefutable that those two are coming closer and closer together, and there is synergy in doing that," the governor said. "That doesn't exist anywhere else than Athens.

"We certainly weren't in control of the Navy school property. In fact, we fought vigorously to maintain the Navy school there (when the military was deciding which bases to close). However, when it did come available, we felt like it was a unique opportunity," he said.

Published in the Athens Banner-Herald on 03/23/07


medical college of georgia seeks growth potential around athens
Medical College of Georgia seeks growth potential around Athens


Issue date: 9/24/07 Section:News

A firm will get $332,000 to research expanding the campuses of the Medical College of Georgia's School of Medicine - especially in Athens.

Tripp Umbach, a Pittsburgh medical school expansion firm, was selected to develop a five-year plan to increase MCG School of Medicine's class size from 190 to approximately 245 students, according to a news release.Umbach is looking for growth potential mainly in Athens and Augusta, said Douglas Miller, dean of the Medical College of Georgia.The MCG School of Nursing is located in Athens."Athens is a very realistic area for an increase of 40 students," Miller said. "They'll spend a lot of time at UGA to talk to people and see if this is a good place to go."MCG, a state-funded institution, is researching expansion opportunities, along with a national movement of medical colleges, trying to increase class sizes to fill the demand for more doctors."The Association of American Medical Colleges has recommended that [medical] schools need to increase by 30 percent by 2015 in order to accommodate the need for doctors," Miller said.According to a news release, the 10-student-per-year increase for 2009 will require about $3 million to expand clinical teaching facilities, such as small classrooms where students learn basic skills such as listening to the heart and working with standardized patients.Miller added that before increasing the medical school class size, they need to make sure there are adequate facilities and faculty.Umbach's goal is to have the final report to the University Board of Regents for review by January 2008.If a plan is approved and funded by the University BOR, the Liaison Committee on Medical Education, which accredits medical school programs, will be next in the line for review before any expansion can begin."Accreditation for MCG requires increased class size," Miller said.The Regents have recommended a total of $10 million in expansion funding for MCG School of Medicine for fiscal year 2009.Umbach will evaluate MCG's curriculum, resources and facilities to figure out how much MCG should grow and how quickly as well as the economic impact of the state and community, Miller said.


contact information
Contact Information
  • Fred Street Properties, LLC

P.O. Box 168

Athens, GA 30603


Fred Moorman - Owner - - - - - - - - - - 706.207.0606

Lisa Pasley- Project Information - - - - 706.255.5011


professional consultants and development team
Professional Consultants and Development Team
  • Ambling Development Partners, R. Darian Lee
  • Ambling Land and Resort, Kevin King
  • Athens Housing Authority, J. Richard Parker
  • Athens Downtown Development Authority, Kathryn Lookofsky
  • Athens YMCA ,Executive Director, Kirk L. Eich 
  • East Lake Foundation, Carol Knaughton
  • Partners for a Prosperous Athens
  • RW Allen & Associates, Tom Goodyear, Ray McEwen
  • Sizemore Group, Thomas Sayre, William J. de St. Aubin
  • Stan Mullins – Artist
  • Tim Haas Engineers and Architects, Mike Martindill
  • University of Georgia

- Family and Consumer Sciences, Department of Child and Family Development , Child Development at the McPhaul Center, Amy M. Kay, Director

- College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Biological and Agricultural Engineering - Thomas M. Lawrence, Ph. D., P.E., LEED-AP Public Service Associate

-College of Environment and Design, Landscape Architecture - R. Alfred Vick, ASLA, LEED AP Assistant Professor

  • Whitsel Construction Services, Curtis Whitsel
  • Wachovia, Jim Jones
  • Woods and Associates, Jerry Woods


  • Athens Clarke County Environment-
  • Athens Clarke County Recycling -
  • Congress for New Urbanism -
  • Navy Supply Corps School (NSCS) (2007) Draft Reuse Plan for the Navy Supply Corps School. Athens-Clarke County, Georgia
  • One Athens Transportation Implementation Committee. (2006) Minutes from 12/12/2006 meeting.
  • Transportation Spending-
  • US Green Building Council LEED Resources Available:
  • US Census Bureau, 1960-2000 population.

MACORTS 2030 Long Range Transportation Plan, 2010-2030 population

  • Water reuse sites-