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Clean air equipments 7275579

In an urban environment, many people will definitely agree that the quality of

the air indoors is cleaner than that of outdoors. However, this may not be true

as the quality of the air indoors may be a few times dirtier than that in the

outdoors. Since most people have the tendency to stay indoors during the

large proportion of their time, it is important to keep the air quality indoors as

fresh and clean as possible.

Clean air equipments 7275579

Dirty and stale air indoors can affect the health of all the living beings staying

in it. Having a well ventilated indoor environment is essential to achieving a

healthier life. One of the biggest culprits is second hand smoke. Smoking

cigarettes indoor causes second hand smoke to be inhaled by other people

within the same environment as the smokers themselves.

Clean air equipments 7275579

In Singapore, smoking is banned in all public indoor areas. The Smoking Act

aims to create a cleaner, safer and healthier environment for all public by

protecting them from the deadly consequences of second hand smoke.

Anyone who is found smoking in a prohibited area may be subjected to a fine

that amounts to $200. To report an offender, the public can call the National

Environment Agency.

Clean air equipments 7275579

Airtech provides high-efficiency particulate air(HEPA) and ultra-low

particulate air (UPLA) filters that are able to remove the second hand smoke

that is produced in an indoor enclosure. These air filters from Airtech are also

able to remove particles that are as small as 100 nano meters for the UPLA

filters or 300 nano meters for the HEPA filters.

Clean air equipments 7275579

These particles include dust, pollen, mould and bacteria that may exist in the

air within the effective range of the air filters. By using these air filters from

Airtech, the room can be rest assured to contain the highest level of air

cleanliness that is possible as well as be free from any harmful particles that

can affect the health of the people staying in it.

Clean air equipments 7275579

Both the HEPA and ULPA filters from Airtech are constructed using high

grade fiber glass. Filters made with fiber glass have higher resistance which is

able to remove unwanted particles from the air more efficiently than other

kinds of media. The frame is enclosed with aluminum which gives an extra

assurance with its water resistance characteristic when used in areas that have

high humidity.

Clean air equipments 7275579

The aluminum frame also makes it easier to handle due to its lighter weight

that is about half of those that are built with other types of metals. The air

filters can operate at a maximum temperature of 80 degrees Celsius.

Clean air equipments 7275579

The sealant material that is used in the air filters is fire retardant and has the

capability to prevent any by-pass leakage. Leakage is prevented by sealing

the entire media pack to the filter frame so that it will meet the minimum

efficiency requirements.

Clean air equipments 7275579

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