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O pen BIDS a NIDS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sujayyendhiren, Kaiqi Xiong, Minseok Kwon. O pen BIDS a NIDS. Experimental Setup OpenBIDS. High Level Architecture. Detailed Architecture. Metadata – Kernel to Userspace. Bloom Filter Configuration. Signature Format.

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signature format
Signature Format
  • <transport:"tcp"> <sport:"20"> <dport:"40"> <content:"Virus"> <action:"DROP"> <message:"Dropping the packet">
  • <transport:"udp"> <sport:"30"> <dport:"40"> <content:"Danger|fffe|"> <action:"FORWARD"> <offset:"10"> <message:"Fwd the packet">
  • <transport:"udp"> <sport:"*"> <dport:"*"> <content:"Not malicious"> <action:"LOG"> <message:"Not malicious packet">
current features
Current Features
  • OpenBIDS offers the feature of adding bloom filter rules at run time.
  • If a signature match is identified by bloom filter, it is followed by a hashtable lookup in the user space. On successful lookup , a relevant rule is added dynamically into flow table using OpenFlow framework.
  • Multiple pattern matching for each data plane packet.
  • Bloom filter parameters like ‘k’ , ‘m’ are configured statically at compile time.
  • Parallelizing multiple pattern matching.
  • Optimizing memory operations like memory copying and memory initializations.
  • Instead of exhaustive matching of data packet for signatures, feedback based increase in checking for multiple patterns i.e. if a lookup match is identified as false positive by user space then gradually increase the number of pattern matches for a flow.