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YY 群: 4293948. Youtube Video Explained!. Today’s Youtuber : SupDaily06 All lines are written by: Kris Makeup – He said/She said YY 群: 4293948. He: Just swallow it girl. She: *laughter*

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youtube video explained


Youtube Video Explained!

Today’s Youtuber: SupDaily06

All lines are written by: Kris

makeup he said she said yy 4293948
Makeup – He said/She said YY群:4293948
  • He: Just swallow it girl.
  • She: *laughter*
  • He: How is that not grosser than swallowing the gum?
  • She: Ewe cause then it sticks to your intestines for like 7 years.
  • He: Omg you still believe that.

Gross now you putting it on your phone.

  • She: Stoooooop *saying all together*
makeup he said she said yy 42939481
Makeup – He said/She said YY群:4293948
  • He: Hey everybody, this is he said…
  • She: She said~
  • He: Today, we are gonna talk about… MAKEUP *high-pitch voice*

Something man obviously care deeply for it that women need to slack all over their

faces cause we care.

  • She: I think you are against makeup.
  • He: I’m not against makeup, but I’m against blaming men for the reason you wear


makeup he said she said yy 42939482
Makeup – He said/She said YY群:4293948
  • She: You are not telling me that if you see a girl with makeup on and then you see her

without makeup, you are not like “ewwww” *making weird faces*

Show me the face if you are like “ewww it’s bad”.

  • He: I don’t have the face cause I don’t see them, I turn around.

This is the face. *he turns around*

  • She: Wait so if you see her without makeup you just turn around?
  • He: No, here’s the thing. I’d rather see her without makeup, so that I know what you

actually look like. It’s amazing some of the stuff that girls can do with makeup. They

are like magicians.

makeup he said she said yy 42939483
Makeup – He said/She said YY群:4293948
  • She: For the most part, we look the same
  • He: Without makeup?
  • She: Yeah!
  • He: Oh honey…
  • She: It’s true.
  • He: Mmmmmmmm
  • She: It’s true.
  • He: Mmmmmmmm
makeup he said she said yy 42939484
Makeup – He said/She said YY群:4293948
  • She: Men don’t care about makeup.
  • He: Not Really. I think a lot of the things that women do are so that other women will

accept them. Me personally, like, I like, I understand like the want to get glammed up,

and if that makes you feel good about yourself, great, but I want to fall for the real

you, not the image that you create.

  • She: For the most part I think girls do makeup for themselves. I do makeup for myself.
  • He: You want to create this image that’s not you, or really girl you should be accepting

who you are. Oh god *explosion sound imitation*

makeup he said she said yy 42939485
Makeup – He said/She said YY群:4293948
  • She: God you give yourself so much credit.
  • He: *continue making the sound*

I can’t help brain explosions happen.

  • She: It shouldn’t take you more than five minutes to get ready. Because if it does, that

means you are doing too much to your face.

  • He: Yeah
  • She: *making weird faces* Did we just agree? Eww

If you take a plain Jane (means who have an average appearance), next to

somebody who’s gussied up, I can guarantee you the guys will immediately turn

their heads to the girl who took the time to get to take care of herself, because they

equates that to she takes care of herself.

makeup he said she said yy 42939486
Makeup – He said/She said YY群:4293948
  • He: That’s cute.

Of course I mean we’re go… we’re gonna be drawn to somebody who’s more done

up, but it’s not because we think that their… they take care of themselves, it’s just

sexual things to be honest.

but that’s not necessarily the one that you’ll be with, that’s the one that you.. you

gravitate towards to, maybe, for the wrong reasons though.

  • She: I feel like natural beauty comes through even if you’re wearing makeup. If you have

natural beauty, you will still shine.

makeup he said she said yy 42939487
Makeup – He said/She said YY群:4293948
  • He: I just need natural
  • She: Natural’s great.
  • He: I wanna know what I’m getting into, there’s so many things that girls go out and buy to

like, push this up, prop that over, or tape that in, or… *mumble*

  • She: What kind of girls are you dating?
  • He: Are you kidding me? Why do you think stores like Victoria’s Secret and Sephora

thrive? The go to is “did you do something different with your hair?” Ah gets them

every time.

  • She: *laughing*
makeup he said she said yy 42939488
Makeup – He said/She said YY群:4293948
  • He: No I was like “It looks like a little bit lighter.” *giggling*
  • She: It’s like oxidized. Please say it like that.
  • He: It’s like oxidized. *high-pitch*

*shaking his head* No…

makeup he said she said yy 42939489
Makeup – He said/She said YY群:4293948
  • He: So what do you guys feel bout makeup? Is it important to you, do you think men care

about it? Tell me in the comments down below.

  • She: If you are a girl, why do you put makeup on for yourself, for other girls and for men?
  • He: Click on Jess’ stupid face to go check out her channel, and subscribe to this channel

cause I post videos every single day. For this week, this has been he said…

  • She: She said~
  • He: Bye~
  • She: Bye~
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Word of the day

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Cantankerous adj.
  • Definition: stubbornly obstructive and unwilling to cooperate, angry
  • Ex. Sometimes my brother can be very cantankerous. He always tries to start fights with me.
  • Mnemonic device: Cantankerous = sounds like can’t take it

So when you can’t take something, you are very angry.

question time


Question time!

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youtube video the end


Youtube Video – The end

YY群: 4293948