the future of sustainable pipeline development n.
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The Future of Sustainable Pipeline Development PowerPoint Presentation
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The Future of Sustainable Pipeline Development

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The Future of Sustainable Pipeline Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Future of Sustainable Pipeline Development. BC Energy Conference, Fort St. John October 3, 2013. Outline. About our Industry B.C. Information About CEPA Current Canadian Pipeline Context Our Response. 2. About Our I ndustry. Over 60 years of operating history in Canada

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the future of sustainable pipeline development
The Future of Sustainable Pipeline Development
  • BC Energy Conference, Fort St. John
  • October 3, 2013
  • About our Industry
    • B.C. Information
    • About CEPA
  • Current Canadian Pipeline Context
  • Our Response


about our i ndustry
About Our Industry
  • Over 60 years of operating history in Canada
  • Highly regulated industry
  • Pipelines are among the safest and most environmentally sound way to transport oil and gas products
  • Contributed to $8.8 billion to Canada’s GDP, $1.9 billion in labour income and 25,000 full time equivalent jobs in 2013
transmission pipelines our e nergy h ighways
Transmission Pipelines – Our Energy Highways

Transmission pipelines in Canada transport nearly 3 million barrels of oil a day

transmission pipelines

Safe and Reliable

  • Efficient
  • Investment and Growth
Transmission Pipelines
  • Invest more than $1.6 billion annually to ensure safe delivery
  • Transport virtually all of the natural gas and onshore crude oil produced in Canada
  • Propose to invest more than $22 billion in pipeline projects over next five years

CEPA Value Proposition

  • Company Projects, Initiatives & Priorities
  • Advance Industry Performance, Knowledge, Technology & Operating Practices


Member Companies


Public Expectations

(Operating Context - Forever Changed)

Collective Actions


Shared Responsibility

Industry’s Privilege to Operate





Priorities & Deliverables

Industry Reputation

(Reputation = Performance

x Engagement x Communications)

privilege to operate is earned
Privilege to Operate is Earned
  • Vision: Safe, Socially and Environmentally Sustainable Energy Pipeline Industry for Canadians
  • Mission: Enhance the operating excellence, business environment and recognized responsibility of the Canadian energy transmission pipeline industry
  • Values: Accountability, Transparency, Respect and Leadership
regulatory process is thorough and comprehensive
Regulatory Process is Thorough and Comprehensive
  • Includes
  • Thorough, fact-based, transparent, risk-based assessment
  • Project audits
  • On-site inspections
  • Compliance monitoring meetings
  • Emergency response exercise evaluations

Public Interest + Performance + Compliance

current pipeline context
Current Pipeline Context



where to from h ere
Where to From Here?
  • Clear vision and policy
  • A framework of energy and environment actions
  • Innovation
  • Transparency
  • Performance Improvement
current priorities
Current Priorities
  • Safety
  • Credibility and Engagement
  • Performance Improvement
improving performance building p ublic t rust
Improving Performance & Building Public Trust
  • CEPA Integrity First®
  • A systematic, industry level, integrated program intended to strengthen industry’s overall performance
  • This strategy addresses technical, reputational, regulatory and business risks in a unified approach
  • Committed to Zero Incidents.
similar successful initiatives
Similar Successful Initiatives
  • Mining Association of Canada: Towards Sustainable Mining
  • Forest Industry: Forestry Stewardship Council
  • Chemistry Industry Association of Canada: Responsible Care
emergency management
Emergency Management
  • Approve the development of an industry wide Mutual Aide Agreement by end of 2013
  • All members committed to the adoption of ICS by June 1, 2014
  • Improved collection of data related to speed of detection and response to incidents in past 10 years
  • New control room guidance
  • Joint Emergency Response Exercise of a liquid spill at a major body of water to take place 2014
  • New CSA Standard for Emergency Management (CSA Z246.2)
leak detection
Leak Detection
  • CPTC: Canadian Pipeline Technology Collaborative
  • Technology Development
  • Industrial Competitiveness
  • Research Infrastructure
  • Research Network
other initiatives
Other Initiatives
  • Pipeline Watercourse Management Recommended Practices
  • Pipeline Associated Water Course Crossings 4th Ed. with CAPP & CGA
  • Damage Prevention with CCGA
  • CEPA Foundation
concluding thoughts
Concluding Thoughts
  • Pipelines are safe and industry is committed to continuously improving
  • Pipeline industry is committed to transparency and continual performance improvement
  • Canada needs to diversify its energy markets
  • Philippe Reicher
  • Canadian Energy Pipeline Association
  • For more facts and information please visit us at: