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Haller and Norval Apartments PowerPoint Presentation
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Haller and Norval Apartments

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Haller and Norval Apartments - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Haller and Norval Apartments
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  1. Haller and Norval Apartments Developed by Funded by WSOS Community Action Commission, Inc. Fremont, Ohio

  2. Partner Profiles Coleman Professional Services Mission: Improve the lives of children and adults suffering from behavioral health disorders and other disabilities regardless of their ability to pay. Vision: Engage individuals in efforts to improve their own lives. Coleman Professional Services has been developing, operating and managing supportive housing projects since 1990. Coleman owns and/or manages 180 units of housing and plans to develop at least 30 units over the next 3 years to meet the strong demand for safe and affordable housing for people with mental illness. WSOS Community Action Commission Mission: WSOS is dedicated to creating opportunities that will help our community and all of its members build a better future. We help individuals and families to acquire the skills and knowledge to become self-sufficient and to more fully participate in our community. We achieve this by developing projects and partnerships that allow people to help themselves WSOS, created in 1965, is a state-certified Community Housing Development Organization . Housing is part of WSOS’s comprehensive approach to community development. WSOS defines housing development as the creation of affordable housing opportunities by obtaining funds & financing to develop, site, build, or re-build both rental and owner-occupied housing units for moderate-income families and individuals.

  3. Development Partners Ohio Department of Development, Office of Community Development United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Architects HFP AMBUSKE ARCHITECTS 21403 Chagrin Blvd Ste 108 Cleveland, OH Builder Lancia Homes Fort Wayne, Indiana

  4. Key Stakeholders Mental Health & Recovery Services Board of Allen, Auglaize and Hardin Counties Mission Statement: To reach out and provide vital prevention and treatment services to every resident. City of Lima • Department of Community Development • Mayor’s Office • Land Bank Mission: to make vacant / abandoned land available  at below market rates for meaningful development projects

  5. State of Ohio NSP2 • Competitively Awarded • 7 Regions / Non-profit sub-grantees • WSOS - Region R • Convened local elected officials and housing providers • Identified partners/projects • Goal: Revitalize rural/small city communities negatively impacted by foreclosure/vacant properties

  6. NSP 2 Process in Lima • Mental Health & Recovery Services Board representative brought to the table by City • Expressed need for 1-bedroom affordable units for clientele • Non-profit Mental Health service provider also Experienced Developer • WSOS engages Coleman Professional Services • Develop 8 units on land purchased from City Land Bank

  7. Two sites acquired from City of Lima Land Bank 1701 Norval Avenue 410 Haller Street

  8. Lima Mental Health unit design 4 unit, one-story building on each of 2 sites 435 square feet units with living room, kitchen, bedroom, ADA accessible bathroom Shared common areas of a laundry room and patio. Energy Star 3 rated and meet Enterprise Green Communities Standards. Supportive services provided by Coleman Professional Services

  9. Project Budget & Sources City of Lima CDBG – Demolition Costs Neighborhood Stabilization 2 Acquisition/Development/Construction 1701 Norval (4 units) – Total development costs: $440,512 410 Haller (4 units) – Total development costs: $446,352

  10. Groundbreaking Nelson Burns, CEO, Coleman Professional Services

  11. Haller Street construction begins

  12. Framing underway Construction consistent with Enterprise Green Community Standards and Energy Star

  13. Interior design balances overall compact footprint

  14. Accessible design

  15. 1701 Norval Ave, Lima 4-unit nearing completion

  16. Celebrate the Outcome! Partners: Developer / Senator staff / State / City / Mental Health / Builder / WSOS Shana Garrett Office of Community Development

  17. “ This is a huge improvement to what was here, and the investment is long-term. Someone is going to make their home here, in a neighborhood, where hopefully they heal and they become a permanent part of this neighborhood in a way that builds community. ” Lima Mayor David Berger