Roman villas and apartments
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Roman Villas and Apartments. Latin I House Unit. Hadrian’s Villa. Built between 118 and 134 AD. What was Hadrian’s Villa?. Imperial palace covering 300 acres Included theatres, bathhouses, libraries, houses for guests, gardens, statues, pools

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Roman villas and apartments

Roman Villas and Apartments

Latin I House Unit

Hadrian s villa
Hadrian’s Villa

  • Built between 118 and 134 AD

What was hadrian s villa
What was Hadrian’s Villa?

  • Imperial palace covering 300 acres

  • Included theatres, bathhouses, libraries, houses for guests, gardens, statues, pools

  • Theatre:

Egyptian influence
Egyptian influence

  • Hadrian had Egyptian statues brought in and modeled much of his architecture after Alexandria

Canal 130 yds long
Canal (130 yds long!)


  • Besides statues and ponds, the villa was also elaborately decorated with frescoes

  • Do you remember what a fresco is???

Underground tunnels
Underground Tunnels

  • Hadrian also recreated a tunnel system of Hades, which connected various parts of the villa

  • See why it took so long to build?

What s left of hadrian s villa
What’s left of Hadrian’s Villa?

  • Everything you see in the pictures and more!

  • However, it was plundered for the marble and other valuable materials throughout the 6th-8th centuries

  • Archeologists still believe there are more artifacts they have not yet uncovered!

Roman apartments
Roman Apartments

  • Very common during Hadrian’s reign

  • Known as “Insulae” which means….

  • Usually for the lower classes

  • Entire families would share one room

  • Very unsafe!

    • Made of wood

    • Serious risk of fire or collapse

What were the conditions like
What were the conditions like?

  • Usually did not have running water, toilets, or heat, especially in upper floors

    • Many threw waste out the windows (no glass) onto the streets below

  • Cooking was discouraged in apartments due to the risk of fire

    • Many cooked anyway, at the risk of fire

Were apartments popular
Were apartments popular?

  • By the end of the 4th century, apartments outnumbered houses 25 to 1

  • Because of the large population, restrictions were put on apartments

    • Height restrictions

    • Fire restrictions