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2013 Tax Law. Experience More. Flow Chart of Sale. Experience More. Expenditure Model. Experience More. Benefits for Family Charity. Experience More. Contact Information. Joe Horner Private Wealth Management 3725 Champion Hill Drive, Suite 1300 Memphis, TN 38125 901-322-4213

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2013 Tax Law

Experience More


Flow Chart of Sale

Experience More


Expenditure Model

Experience More

contact information
Contact Information

Joe Horner

Private Wealth Management

3725 Champion Hill Drive, Suite 1300

Memphis, TN 38125


charitable giving with life insurance
Charitable Giving with Life Insurance
  • Simple and effective way to make a large income tax free gift at fraction of cost to person giving the gift
  • In some cases, premiums paid can provide tax advantages to the person giving the gift.
  • The legacy you can create will greatly benefit the organization with a larger gift than through a lump sum donation
  • Allows organization possible flexibility of determining best use of funds to meet current and future needs
lump sum vs life insurance
Lump Sum vs. Life Insurance
  • *Example of gift through life insurance:
    • 55 year old male – preferred non tobacco rate
    • $25,000 lump sum payment into life policy
    • Tax free death benefit at issue of policy would be $58,350
    • Policy earns tax deferred cash accumulation at competitive interest rate
    • The person giving the gift may also elect to make the charity the owner of the policy which will allow the charity  to access the cash value of the policy if an immediate cash need arises.
  • Lump sum payment of $25,000 to organization
    • No additional benefit beyond the original gift

*CVAT projection through Tennessee Farmers Life Insurance

income streams to fund life insurance
Income Streams to Fund Life Insurance
  • Annual premium payments into life policy
    • Same concept as before: same gift amount = increased benefit
  • Interest payments from investment accounts
    • Pay premiums while not affecting principal amount
  • If over age 70 ½, RMD payments
    • After tax payments going into tax free death benefit to organization
  • *Example of life policy with annual premium payments:
    • 55 year old male, preferred non tobacco rate
    • $2,500 annual premium
    • Death benefit from day one of $100,000
    • Same tax advantages to organization as before

*UL projection through Tennessee Farmers Life Insurance

giving through e xisting life policy
Giving Through Existing Life Policy
  • The most simple way for guaranteed impact of large gift
  • What need(s) were there at time policy was issued?
  • Have your needs changed to make you think that the policy is no longer needed or needs to be reduced?
  • Making the organization either full or partial beneficiary
  • Tax free death benefit to the organization
  • Larger gift through life insurance than with lump sum
  • Usually can be done with phone call or change form
why life insurance
Why Life Insurance?
  • Maximizing gift amount at smallest cost to you
  • Taking advantage of tax incentives while benefiting the organization at highest possible level
  • Be proud of what you give and know that it is important to the organization
  • Family may want to consider doing the same thing even if on a different level of giving
  • Comfort and security given to family before changing beneficiary on existing life policy
  • Consider Life Insurance as part of giving

Damon Juckett, LUTCF

Agency Manager

745 W. Poplar Ave, Collierville • 901-850-5002


Financial Planning:

Aligning Goals and Action

Jeremy Jones, AIF

February 21, 2013

Investment advisory services offered through Securian Financial Services, Inc. Jeremy Jones is a Registered Representative of Securian Financial Services, Inc., Securities Dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC, and Registered Investment Advisors.

Shoemaker Financial is independently owned and operated.

A04118-0910 DOFU 9-2010

financial planning can help with
Financial Planning Can Help With…
  • Developing an action plan for your goals
  • Aligning your financial decisions with your goals
  • Understanding how financial issues are interrelated
a good financial plan
A Good Financial Plan
  • Based on the client’s individual situation and goals
    • Areas of focus depend on life stage
  • Delivered in writing
  • Contains both analysis and recommendations
    • Product and non-product based
  • Completed in partnership between advisor and client
  • Will eventually be out-of-date
who is a good candidate for planning
Who is a Good Candidate for Planning?
  • Someone who cares about others and their future
  • Life complexity – examples:
    • Remarriage or blended family
    • Unmarried couple
    • Business owner or concentrated holding
    • Inheritance or trust beneficiary
  • Life event – examples:
    • Within ten years of retirement
    • Job change
    • Death of loved one
    • Divorce/separation
  • Active management of your financial life

Contact Jeremy Jones:


Financial advisors do not provide tax/legal advice. This information should not be considered specific tax or legal advice. You should consult your own tax/legal advisor about your own situation.


Our Culture of Philanthropy

A snapshot of our community

Comparative figures:

United States: 4.7% given

$2,564 / $54,783

Tennessee: 6.6% given

$3,807 / $58,097

Memphis ranks second most generous urban area among the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. -- Chronicle of Philanthropy


Anatomy of a Gift

Source: The Sharpe Group 2013


Motivations and drivers of

donative intent:

Why do people give?








Source: The Sharpe Group 2013


Creating, Living and Leaving a Legacy

Creating a legacy:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

Living a legacy:

What do you stand for?

Who is important to you?

What is truly important to you?

What is life all about?

Leaving a legacy:

What is your 100 year plan?

How will you define success?

What do you want to be remember for?

What will your family say about you after you are gone?


Our Children and Charity

  • Rule #1: Do no harm
  • Rule #2: Include them
      • Share with them your vision, values & dreams
        • Talk with them
        • Share what is important to you
        • Share why it is important to you
      • Give them a way to participate
        • Ask them what is important to them
        • Ask them why?
        • Let them give some money away
      • Consider formalizing your gifting strategies
        • Donor Advised Fund
        • Private Family Foundation

Contact Information:

Dan Patterson

Silverleafe Capital Partners, LLC

6070 Poplar Avenue, Suite 725

Memphis, Tennessee 38119


the clanlo society
The Clanlo Society
  • Giving Society named in honor of the School’s first bequest donor and her family
  • Membership is made of any parents and friends who have a confirmed bequest intention on file with the school
  • Why Inform?
    • Changing Programs & Needs, Planning, and Forecasting
    • Quarterly Newsletters
    • Annual Luncheon & Cocktail Event
contact information1
Contact Information

Jay Philpott

Director of Advancement

St. George’s Independent School

1880 Wolf River Blvd

Collierville, TN 38017

901-213-7688 cell

901-457-2014 office