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DCaaS Master Product List IO Product Development June2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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DCaaS Master Product List IO Product Development June2013

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DCaaS Master Product List IO Product Development June2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DCaaS Master Product List IO Product Development June2013. DCaaS Master Product List. The DCaaS Master Product List has been updated to better align with our business objectives. Key benefits in this release of include:

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DCaaS Master Product List

IO Product Development



DCaaS Master Product List

  • The DCaaS Master Product List has been updated to better align with our business objectives. Key benefits in this release of include:
  • Consistent pricing across the product lines based on percentage of list price
  • NEW Singapore pricing
  • NET pricing for Singapore Retail Colocation (US NET pricing for Retail Colocation to follow)
  • Single Corded / Dual Corded replace our Active, Active/Passive and Active/Active. This is more in line with our competitors and avoids the confusion of having three power products
  • New NET billing language - Because IO uses total power consumption versus a cooling multiplier our DCaaS customers get the benefits of DC2.0's lower operating expenses

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DCaaS Master Product List

  • Changes to product naming and definitions
  • Regional price lists AZP, NJE, OHS, SGP
  • Singapore rollout
    • Pricing
    • Colocation – NET power
  • NET kWh calculation
  • Bandwidth and IP Space
  • Customer handling
  • Change orders / amendments
  • Individual Case Basis process

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Changes to Product Naming and Definitions

  • Retail and Wholesale products have been changed to reflect the new nomenclature.

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Regional Price lists

Example: Conditioned Power Dual Corded NET

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Regional Price lists

  • New Minimum Revenue Per Module Targets
  • Data Module – US
    • $23,000 NET of power
    • $28,000 GROSS power
  • DS Module – US
    • $42,000 NET of power
    • $54,000 GROSS power
  • Data Module SGP
    • $46,000 NET of power
  • DS Module SGP
    • $84,000 NET of power

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Singapore Rollout

  • Generally pricing is 250% of AZP list price
  • Pricing is initially in USD
  • All Singapore products are NET billing as calculated by IO.OS.
    • COLO(per circuit) and Wholesale.
  • Office Space, Staging Area, Antenna’s will not be available initially and will be handled on Individual Case Basis (ICB)
  • IPV6 will be available for Asia Pacific Region

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kWh Calculations

  • New language in section 3.1(b) of MSA. Will need to be picked up in Amendments / Change orders.
  • New language for NET billing refers to total energy usage as calculated by IO.OS. There is still no cooling multiplier, we capture actual energy usage. This is a key differentiator from our competitors
  • NET Power customers are billed a pass-through of actual energy usage
  • Power Utilization Pass-Through or Minimum Monthly Power Charge (Whichever is Greater)
  • Utilization Pass-Through: Local utility rate (Rate), Multiplied by the actual total energy usage (kWh) utilized by the customer for the Month (Total Usage).
    • (Total Usage) x (Rate) = Utilization Pass-Through

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Bandwidth and IP Space Pricing

Bandwidth Pricing Has Been Reduced for US Sites

  • IP Space
  • IPV4 pricing has increased as a result of limited supply of IP addresses.
  • Added smaller IP blocks to get the most out of our limited IP Space.
    • /29 - 6 Usable IP’s
    • /30 – 2 Usable IP’s (Telecom Standard)

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Customer Handling

    • Will allow existing Customer’s to be able to purchase via Legacy Products Pricing. (A/A , A/P , A)
    • ALL Active/Active will need ops approval
    • ALL new customers will use the new products
    • ALL quotes should be expired and converted to new products ASAP. Please work with your manager to convert these, within 60 days.
    • Convert existing customers to new products – Single Corded / Dual Corded

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Change Orders / Amendments

  • Renewal as is will work the same as today (Legacy Products)
  • Renewal in place without product change same as today (Legacy Products)
  • Amendments that require more space with be handled case by case
  • Change Orders / Amendments for NET products will require a change in the language for NET billing.
      • Section 3.1(b)

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Individual Case Basis (ICB) Process

  • For Special Pricing escalate to Sales leadership (Same as Existing)
  • For Products not on MPL engage Solution Architect for initial review.
  • Present Business case to Product Management
  • Any New Active/Active will need C-level approval and also need Ops support.

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