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The “story-maker-upper.”

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The “story-maker-upper.” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jennifer Armstrong. 6A3. The “story-maker-upper.”. Life Story. Born on May 12 th , 1961 in South Salem, New York Was raised by very helpful parents and was very well educated Started writing at age 6 Plays the fiddle and the bagpipes

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Jennifer Armstrong


The “story-maker-upper.”


Life Story

  • Born on May 12th, 1961 in South Salem, New York
  • Was raised by very helpful parents and was very well educated
  • Started writing at age 6
  • Plays the fiddle and the bagpipes
  • When she was little, she fibbed a lot and was great at it, now she calls it “fiction writing”
  • Loves to read, especially historical books
  • Now she calls herself the “story-maker-upper”

Jennifer Armstrong Motivation

  • "I always felt like a writer," she says. "I always had a good imagination, and loved making up stories. And I always loved reading. I just seemed natural to me that I would become an author.“
  • She thinks of herself of a "story-maker-upper.” She says, “ I don’t ever want a reader to think I’ve embarked on a project because I want to teach a lesson. I like to tell myself stories to understand the world, and I like to share those stories. Not to teach, but to show.”
  • Jennifer Armstrong was a great writer, even when she was young.
Some of Jennifer Armstrong’s most popular books are: The Kindling, Shattered, The Terrible Baby, America Story And Once Upon A Banana

Jennifer Armstrong’s most popular books

Jennifer Armstrong writes a lot of Crown Books, American History, Picture Books, Non fiction, Short Stories, Historical Fiction, Fiction


why people enjoy her books
Why people enjoy her books
  • People enjoy Jennifer's books for her very interesting and real live photographs.
  • People also like Jennifer’s books because of her Nonfiction and History books.
  • Her readers that are children, love all the funny fantasy stories that she writes.
awards jennifer armstrong received
Awards Jennifer Armstrong Received
  • Boston Globe Horn Book Of Honor
  • Riverbank Review Children’s Book Of Distinction



  • James Madison National Book Award
  • Anisfield-Wolf Book Award
  • IRA and CBC Children's Choice




  • You can Learn more about Jennifer Armstrong by going on the website:
  • On the website you can see a biography, articles, and

speeches of Jennifer Armstrong.

  • If you are looking for a good book to read then you can just go on the website and scroll over the “books” on the right hand side of the page. Click on your skill level then you can find a book just right for you.



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