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Geospatial Technologies

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Geospatial Technologies. In the EAST Lab GPS Technology Intergraph GeoMedia GIS ESRI GIS . Differential.

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geospatial technologies
Geospatial Technologies
  • In the EAST Lab
    • GPS Technology
    • Intergraph GeoMedia GIS
    • ESRI GIS


. Most of you are familiar with GPS, right? So, GPS is really just a means to find out “where you are”, or, in the case of acquiring map data, “where you were”. In EAST, students primarily use GPS to gather map data that aren’t available from other sources, such as the Internet. What they do with the data after they gather it is really the key, and that is where GIS comes into play.



Here’s an example from Russellville High School, where students used GPS to add map features for their school to a digital aerial photograph.


Parkway Addition

In another example, also from Russellville, students took a GPS unit in a car and drove a new segment of road,

providing updated data for their street map.

software in your labs
Software in your Labs
  • Intergraph:
    • Upgrade to GeoMedia Pro 5.1(request upgrade at
    • By grant: Transportation Manager
    • By grant: GeoMedia Terrain
    • By grant: GeoMedia Grid
    • By grant: GeoMedia WebMap Professional
    • By grant: OnDemand (PDA – WinCE)
More importantly, you can ask complex questions about your data:
    • Whose property would be affected by a road-widening project? (using parcel data from a city or county).
    • What’s the mean income of people living close to a river (or railroad, or highway…) vs. that of people that live further away? (using US Census data).
    • Where are the structures that are most likely to be flooded? (using FEMA flood plain data, or NRCS soils data).
  • Example….

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • GeoMedia Professional is most useful for dealing with features that have definite edges, such as:
    • buildings and parcels
    • roads, pipelines, stream networks
    • political boundaries and associated data
    • any point-based data

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • GeoMedia also can map street addresses and latitude/longitude points.
    • Very easy to import data from tabular databases that include either addresses or lat/long
    • crime reports, earthquake locations, etc.
software in your lab
Software in Your Lab
  • ESRI:
    • Upgrade to full school licenses of ArcView 3.3 and extensions
    • By request: ArcGIS 8.2
    • By request: ArcPad (PDA – WinCE)
    • By request: ArcIMS (Web mapping)
arcview 3 x extensions
ArcView 3.x Extensions
  • Spatial Analyst

arcview 3 x extensions18
ArcView 3.x Extensions
  • Spatial Analyst
    • Crime Hot-Spots
arcview 3 x extensions19
ArcView 3.x Extensions
  • Network Analyst-
  • Used to show distance and routes (in yellow) a hit and run suspect could have driven in a 30 minute time period.

arcview 3 x extensions20
ArcView 3.x Extensions

Transform two dimensions

  • 3-D Analyst

Into three dimensions

arcview 3 x extensions21
ArcView 3.x Extensions
  • 3-D Analyst – Crime Scene Investigation, Washington DC