geospatial technologies council 16 june 2005 n.
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Geospatial Technologies Council 16 June 2005 PowerPoint Presentation
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Geospatial Technologies Council 16 June 2005

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Geospatial Technologies Council 16 June 2005 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Geospatial Technologies Council 16 June 2005. BGTAddressTools BasicAddressMatch web service. What the is a web service?? A web service is an application, delivered as a service, that can be integrated with other web applications/services using Internet standards.

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Geospatial Technologies Council 16 June 2005

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  1. Geospatial Technologies Council16 June 2005

  2. BGTAddressToolsBasicAddressMatch web service What the is a web service?? A web service is an application, delivered as a service, that can be integrated with other web applications/services using Internet standards.

  3. BGTAddressToolsBasicAddressMatch web service A web service is an URL-addressable resource that programmatically returns information to clients who want to use it, using common Internet coding standards such as HTTP and XML

  4. BGTAddressToolsBasicAddressMatch web service The use of common coding standards make web services available to other applications, completely independent of platform, location and language constraints.

  5. BGTAddressToolsBasicAddressMatch web service Web services can be used by multiple agencies (and multiple applications within an agency) without agencies needing to devote time and funding to develop the same application process.

  6. BGTAddressToolsBasicAddressMatch web service The BasicAddressMatch web service is an Enterprise web service allowing an input address string to be geocoded using TANA/GDT Matchmaker data

  7. BGTAddressToolsBasicAddressMatch web service BasicAddressMatch is a native .NET web service that is callable from an agency application.

  8. BGTAddressToolsBasicAddressMatch web service Calling application will pass string of data containing: Address City State Zip

  9. BGTAddressToolsBasicAddressMatch web service If successfully matched, web service will return an XML string containing data that includes standardized street address, latitude, longitude, CountyFIPS, County Name, etc.

  10. BGTAddressToolsBasicAddressMatch web service If unsuccessfully, web service will return XML containing reason for unsuccessful match

  11. BGTAddressToolsBasicAddressMatch web service Sample page in staging (testing) environment:

  12. BGTAddressToolsBasicAddressMatch web service To add web service reference: Staging (testing) BasicAddressMatch/BasicAddressMatch.asmx Production: BasicAddressMatch/BasicAddressMatch.asmx

  13. BGTAddressToolsBasicAddressMatch web service The BasicAddressMatch web service uses the WebSAAL (Web Services Administration Authorization and Logging) security barrier to control application access to web services

  14. BGTAddressToolsBasicAddressMatch web service Steps to use BasicAddressMatch in your application: • Retrieve documentation - Developers Integration Guide (DIG) 2. Submit Remedy ticket to OA-Web Services - type “BGT Address Tools” - item “Application Access”

  15. BGTAddressToolsBasicAddressMatch web service Steps to use BasicAddressMatch in your application (con’t): • Application credentials will be returned to you: - Global ID (GUID) - Password

  16. BGTAddressToolsBasicAddressMatch web service Where to find documentation: Developers Integration Guide (DIG):

  17. BGTAddressToolsBasicAddressMatch web service Questions ??

  18. GTC Meeting Minutes

  19. PAMAP Progress

  20. PAMAP 2005 Status

  21. PAMAP Progress • 2005 PAMAP imagery progress ArcIMS website may be accessed at • Click on Project Tracking in the left-hand frame, click on PAMAP Master Index Map Website to log in • The login is PAMAP, the password is 2005

  22. PAMAP Advisory Committee • Formed by PAMAP Program Office from stakeholder executives from federal, state, local governments • PAMAP Advisory Committee must report to GTAC for policy decisions through DCNR representative or PAMAP Advisory Council state co-chair

  23. BGT Project Updates

  24. Weather Project • Requirements finalized and formulating within required template • Meetings with DGS and Comptroller to discuss options • RFP for Data Services planned for June release • RFQs for Application Development in July/August

  25. DHS ITEP Project • Finalized Concept of Operations, including interoperable geospatial data sharing and PEIRS geospatial enhancements • Interoperable essential services of geocoding, mapping, routing and search capabilities • Sharable across agency applications

  26. DHS ITEP Project • Will leverage DHS source code assets from other federal projects • Completed EPO, proposals received, evaluations conducted • Contractor negotiations and meetings with DGS/Comptroller complete • Sent to Procurement on 5/19

  27. GEA Progress

  28. Geospatial Enterprise Architecture (GEA) Application Hosting Web Environment Enterprise Geospatial Data Repository Capable of drawing 1.8M maps/day?

  29. GEA/Essential Services • Internet GIS application hosting environment complete, Oracle database being designed, 15TB of storage. • Determining Intranet build schedule, July timeframe, operational by mid August – still negotiating to move up • ArcIMS Web Services hosted from Internet side until Intranet is complete • Completing User Guide for agencies to access centralized licenses via Citrix

  30. GEA/Essential Services • Evaluated QAS USPS address validation/verification software, developing project plan with L&I, web service complete and deployed to staging last week in July • BGTBoundaryGeocoder Web Service v 1.0 - allows applications to geocode address and determine which polygon layer the geocoded address location resides, buffering and confidence codes • Mapping – 3-4 applications this year including “What’s in My Neighborhood?” (WIMN) by 6/17, and PA-GEARS

  31. GEA/Essential Services • Deployment procedures, working with agencies – DCED (2), Ag, DEP (PSU), L&I, DMVA, DCNR • Address Geocoding Web Service - Received national address dataset 5/18, deployment • Test page in staging:

  32. Geospatial Enterprise Architecture (GEA) Application Web Environment Geospatial Data Repository

  33. Geospatial Enterprise Training Program • Completed • Data Collection, Editing, and Production (3 Classes) • ArcGIS I (1 Class) • ArcGIS II (2 class) • June/July classes • ArcGIS II (2 Classes) • Building Geodatabases I (2 Classes) • Building Geodatabases II (2 classes) • Total students trained in classroom with BGT FY 2004 funds = 141

  34. GT Enterprise Training Program • GIS 101 for Managers, ArcIMS, ArcSDE, ArcXML, Programming sessions • Agency Internal Training Assessment - develop spreadsheet of employees and what training they are approved to attend – July 15 • Online ESRI Virtual Campus • ESRI 2005 International Conference – July 25-29, 19 government rate rooms reserved, contact BGT for reservation request

  35. TANA Distribution • FTP Directory Structure complete, located at • TANA Documentation and Download Guide • Letter of Understanding (LOU) must be signed by all sub-license parties, contractors for sub-licensees must sign separate sub-license agreement • Contact BGT to request LOU

  36. Commonwealth 3-Year Strategic Plan • High level goals surround Public Safety/HS, increased efficiency of government operations and service delivery, economic development and quality of life • Strategies related to leveraging technology, existing state/federal initiatives to maximize ROI, high level communications, retention of skills and resources

  37. Commonwealth 3-Year Strategic Plan • Agency data stewardship agreements • Agency data sharing priorities for external partners (government, first response) • GIS Council to extend Governance Structure to external entities • Commonwealth standards for geospatial interoperability for the use of state and federal funds • Apply for additional federal grants • Communications Plan, Newsletter

  38. April Flooding

  39. April Flooding • Imagery captured by PennDOT for Delaware River • Delaware viewer, similar to Ivan Viewer, was created and is available • Includes imagery and photo points

  40. Geospatial Community of PracticeFor Pa(GeoCoPa)

  41. GeoCoPa June 21 • Public Safety:  8:30am - 10:00am • Environmental:  10:30am – 12:00pm • Health & Human Services: 1:00pm – 2:30pm • General Government Operations:  3:00pm – 4:30pm

  42. ITBs under DevelopmentRelated to GT

  43. ITBs/Policies/Directives Update • GIS Coordinator Hires • GEA Waiver Process • GIS Software Standards • County Numbering/Municipality Numbering • Geospatial Interoperability Standards • Metadata Standards

  44. Agreement to Rescind PAGIC (now GTC)

  45. Legislation • PA GIS Potential Draft Legislation – “Straw Man” • BGT Coordinating Agency Response • Due June 17

  46. Meeting Topics?

  47. Thanks!Next Meeting July 21