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fifth women
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  1. fifth women Media campaign on Violence against women Slovakia 25. November 2001 – 10. February 2002

  2. 7 women organizationsIniciative „fift women“: Pro Familia Možnosť voľby Fenestra Eset Aspekt Altera Aliancia žien Slovenska fifth women

  3. DONORS Open Society Institute Open Society Foundation UNIFEM Canadian Embassy ETP Slovakia and Ekopolis Slovak Telecommunicaiton Budget: 28.654,- USD fifth women

  4. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES • To address at least 2 million people • To achieve a slight change in victimisation of violence against women victims on the side of their close surrounding • To raise the level of public awareness to violence against women and situation of victims • Legislative changes • Strenthening of women NGO´s position fifth women

  5. TARGET AUDIENCE • Witnesses of violence against women in the broader sense • Public • Politicians • Media fifth women

  6. MESSAGE • Slogan: Every fifth woman is abused. Do we care about? • Message: Violence aganist women is not a privat issue but a public one. fifth women

  7. ACTIVITIES • PR activities,increasing public awareness via media outputs • supportive public activities (publications, public lectures and promotional activities, infoline, theater performence) • media advertising campaign fifth women

  8. MEDIA CAMPAIGN • TV spot ( 3 nationalwide TV ) • Radio spot ( 6 nationalwide and 10 religional ) • Billboard(100 in whole Slovakia) • Info line • Web • Public opinion research (first time in SK) fifth women

  9. TV / RADIO SPOT The PSA was based on one children rhyme very well know in Slovakia. Children room, child lying in the bed, mother sitting next to him. She is reading the children rhyme.Behind the door appears silhouette of a man. They both get scared. The voice of women passing to cry. Silhouette standing behing glass door... fifth women

  10. TEXT PSA • Women voice, passing to cry 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, we already know it by heart, 5 fingers on the hand, 5 flowers on the meadow, 5 pellets in the pit, lets run ro our mom, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, we already know it by heart... • Man voice: 1,2,3,4,5...the fifth women...every fifth women is abused. Physicaly, sexual, psychical. The fifth we care about? fifth women

  11. BILLBOARD fifth women

  12. CAMPAING OUTPUT • successful realization of the first nationwide campaign aganist violence against women • starting and preserving the public discussion on the issue of violence against women • informing publicon the extent of violence against women • changing of media approach • the issue of violence against women is becoming political issue legislative changes • the strenghtening position of feminist NGOs fifth women

  13. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVESOSI Aim 2: To motivate governments to develop and/or change policies, legislation, and practices to prevent violence against women and girls. • To inform the relevent state authorities on the necessity to run such campaign, its results, necessary changes in legislation, organisation precautions and trainings fifth women

  14. ACTIVITIES • meetings with policy makers, MP´s • initiatives for legislation changes(victims protection / Austria) • media awarenes for legislativ changes, public discussion fifth women

  15. CAMPAING OUTPUT Before: • all the political parties were payingattention to the women issues very marginally After: • women issues are becoming a part of political parties agenda, they are discussing this issues more often andbringing with some drafts for changes fifth women

  16. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVESOSI AIM 3: To strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations to effectively advocate for and implement violenceprevention programs • To enforce the negotiatory position of women NGOs in the relation to governmental institutions • To change the „bad image“ of feminism in Slovakia fifth women

  17. CAMPAING OUTPUT • Public, politicians and media are able to identify organizations involved in the initiative „fitfh women“ • They realized that we are the group of NGOs who has serious interestand know-howto participate on the elimination of gender violence and in women issue at all fifth women