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RMA Procedure PowerPoint Presentation
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RMA Procedure

RMA Procedure

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RMA Procedure

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  1. RMA Procedure Eran Perlstein APM Customer Support

  2. Agenda • RMA Request & Approval • Shipments • Defect Verification • Defect Qualification • Returning Goods APM Annual International Partners Conference

  3. RMA Request & Approval • If you suspect a defective product, contact APM Technical Support • Tech Support should verify the problem and cover all technical options with the distributor to define the case as RMA • Tech support will check: • Different types of connections communications • Power supplies • Firmware update • Computer and drivers • Upon RMA approval the distributor should fill the RMA form in APM Website: • The RMA form should include detailed description of the problem • Tech Support will approve the form internally • Customer Service will send the distributor the RMA number and shipping instructions • A separate RMA number will be issued for each product or part APM Annual International Partners Conference

  4. Shipments • The distributor ships back the parts or products properly packed to avoid any damage during shipment • A printed RMA form and RMA number should be attached to each part or product • Shipping to APM offices will be on the customer’s account • APM will notify the customer when the goods have arrived and the process has started • APM will not accept products that were not approved for RMA procedure APM Annual International Partners Conference

  5. Defect Verification • The returned products will be tested according to the distributor description and Tech Support advice • First report to the customer will be issued no later than 14 working days after the arrival of the products • Additional examination and testing might be required to complete the defect verification by the factory which may require an additional 21 working days (different department within APM) APM Annual International Partners Conference

  6. Defect Qualification • The product testing qualification can be: • No Fault Found (NFF) • Customer / End User Misuse • Component Failure (under Warranty) • Component Failure (not under Warranty) • In cases where no fault is found, APM will return the product as is • In cases of customer misuse or a component failure (not under warranty) APM will quote the repair cost • Note: if repair is impossible, a quote for a new product or part will be issued (in cases where the electronic card is ATEX/FM) • In cases where APM bears the responsibility for the fault, a refurbished or new unit will be shipped to the customer APM Annual International Partners Conference

  7. Returning Goods • Shipment status notification will be made by Customer Service • In cases where there is NFF, misuse or product not under warranty, the returned goods will be added to the next shipment or shipped separately on the customer’s account • In cases where APM bear responsibility, the shipment of the refurbished / new product will be on APM account APM Annual International Partners Conference