14 weirdest and fanciest usb flash drives ever n.
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  2. Having a usual, banal, no-frills USB flash drive became nowadays an ill-mannered thing. We’ve gathered 14 weirdest and fanciest USB drives all over the Internet for you to choose gadget to show off.

  3. 1. Nailed USB Thumb Drive – Let’s Make Hole on Your PC

  4. Why not, ha? Though having a nine-inches nail as your USB thumb drive is kinda weird aesthetically, but somehow this “nailed” thumb drive have succeed making me curious about the real one. Kidding! But still it looks pretty extraordinary with 1GB capacity, supporting The Trio OS: Mac, Linux and Windows.

  5. 2. The Tampon USB Flash Drive

  6. It’s probably the weirdest Flash drive I’ve ever seen! But when you want to keep your files private, you should put them somewhere no one will look! The Tampon Flash Drive is high-speed USB 2.0, compatible with Windows and Mac will be a perfect storage for your top-secret files. Available in 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB sizes.

  7. 3. Cryptex Flash Drive

  8. 256-bit AES is not enough secure for you? Now you can replace that dedicated-processor encryption with actual mechanical hardware, thanks to the Cryptex Flash drive and its five-wheel combination lock sleeve. Modeled in AutoCAD and constructed using various glistening metals, the Cryptex's five-digit combination will keep prying eyes far from you sensitive files - and, well, it just looks insanely awesome.

  9. 4. Corkscrew USB Flash Drive

  10. It looks like author of new coolest memory stick lose cup of USB flash drive like for thousand times, therefore this device is 100% prevented from this problem. Also USB stick made in very original shape of corkscrew and box made from cork for full harmony.

  11. 5. LacieCurrenKey: USB Flash Drives Look Like Euro Coins

  12. The new flash drives designed to be carried in pockets or coin purses with no inconveniences – they look exactly like Euro coins! LaCie CurrenKeys open with a simple rotation of the coin’s edge; a design that easily reveals and hides the USB connector with a twist. For added data security, the LaCie CurrenKeys are made with a shock-proof, die-cast metal for resilience and safety. The LaCie CurrenKey come with two storage capacities: the silver LaCie CurrenKey can pack up to 8 GB while the bronze can handle up to 4 GB.

  13. 6. Luxury USB Key "Magic Mushroom"

  14. Switzerland jewelry house Shawishcontinues the tradition of launching a luxury and unique things. World’s Most Expensive USB Key called “Magic Mushroom”, is luxury gem-studded memory stick. Shawishhigh-tech Magic Mushroom USB-key consists of two parts: the stem, made of 18K gold, and the head of the fungus, consisting of hundreds of rubies, sapphires and diamonds. Magic Mushroom USB key also provides 32 GB of memory. Magic Mushroom USB key crafted with white gold, emeralds and white diamonds will cost $36,900. USB key in yellow gold, white diamonds and rubies will cost $24,400. USB key in pink gold studded with pink sapphires and white diamonds will cost $16,500.

  15. 7. Echo Flash Drive

  16. Store all your rad ideas and important data on a walnut wood flash drive. Each one is as unique as the info you'll put on it. Lacquered pop of color is hand-painted onto a handy USB drive with magnetized cap easily makes you an owner of fancy, super-exclusive 8GB capacity gadget.

  17. 8. Kissing Octopus USB Flash Drive

  18. Look at this charming and insanely lovely couple! Kissing Octopus Couple flash drive set was created with very sweet features including heart-shaped eyes and a cute puckering mouth, expressing the romance that this adorable couple shares. Kissing Octopus comes in two colors – light pink and sky blue – representing a little pretty couple in love. As a bonus, the end of your USB flash drive serves not only as the attraction for its mate, but also as a magnet, serving as a vital home or office accessory that also safely stores all your data. Octopuses’ capacity is 8 GB and 16 GB, which is pretty enough to place large amount of information.

  19. 9. USB “Message in a Bottle”

  20. We’ve seen a fair share of interesting thumb drives, and this cute little USB drive takes the cake when it comes to unique. Giving the phrase “message in a bottle” a modern whole new meaning, this USB drive features a small bottle that is closed off by a cork, which has a USB plug. When not in use, the bottle keeps the drive with the capacity of 2 GB safe just by simply plugging the cork in. It’s not advisable to throw it into the sea to send out an SOS or a letter to shore but in the event that you do, it could probably survive for a while.

  21. 10. Empty Memory

  22. Called Empty Memory, the pieces are cast from stainless steel and finished by hand in white, black or pink gold; the inner part contains a hi-speed 4GB flash drive. Structure features a frame while Transparent has a clear block of acrylic, representing the space waiting to be filled with data. The design comes with two versions - Structure & Transparent, both containing a physical emptiness in its sculptural form, giving the metaphor that you can fill the space with your memory.

  23. 11. Light Bulb Flash Drive

  24. The Light Bulb flash drive is a miniature incandescent light bulb replica featuring a slim-style nontraditional USB-key, and a bright LED to light up the bulb dome when plugged in. So now every time bright idea pops up in your ingenious mind – don’t lose striking opportunity to record it on Light Bulb flash drive.

  25. 12. Hershey’s Milk Chocolate USB Drive

  26. ATTENTION, chocolate lovers and those who are as crazy in love with Hershey’s as I am! Hershey’s Milk Chocolate USB Drives look exactly like your favorite sweets and available with a capacity between 1GB - 4GB and comes in variety of flavors including Mr. Goodbar, Krackel, Twizzlers, Bubble Yum, and the Hershey's chocolate shown above. These are the first 0 calories sweets ever!

  27. 13. Watermelon Shape USB Flash Memory Drive

  28. Compact, nice, fresh-looking and powerful 1GB USB 2.0 flash drive is perfect for storing files, music, and images to make data transfer less of a hassle! It comes with a coordinated cap for protection.

  29. 14. Nota USB Flash Drive Playing Brand Music

  30. The last, but not the least unusual USB Flash Drive called “Nota” from Aiiacompany. It is designed in a fancy form of quaver with a customizable LED lighting, which looks pretty awesome. Moreover, any time you connect a flash device to your computer, smart Nota would play company melody, jingle or any other preset tunes you want it to play. All the musicians would love for sure this flash drive as well as non-musicians because it’s truly impossible not to love flash drive which plays your favourite tune! Nota has a quite wide range of capacity: from 4GB till 32GB and is compatible with Win, MacOS and Linux.